Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st March 2006

Peter Scullin Reserve Landscaping

Thanks to the intervention of the DSE no vegetation removal occurred before the Wine and Food event.. Kingston Council, had neglected, as Committee of Management to apply to the Minister for approval to remove vegetation on the Reserve. A permit was only applied for by Council on the 8th March after DSE advised of the need for a permit. Vegetation clearance commenced Wednesday March 22nd resulting in the loss of 22 Coast Banksias, 14 Sheoaks, all eucalypts .45 trees removed. Council’s list of to revegetation species differs from that of the DSE which lists a Banksia woodland of 80 trees. Council list has 21 Banksias. We had been advised by Parks and Gardens staff that no trees would be removed. All the Coast Wattle, Boobialla, Correas, understorey plants, have gone leaving the Reserve exposed to the elements and the remaining Sheoaks likely to succumb to gales. The other plantings will be grasses and low growing ground cover rather than a substantial windbreak on this vulnerable site.
Thanks to all submitters to the so-called consultation process regarding landscaping the Reserve. Two submissions were claimed to have been too late although one was handed in one day early and one on the due date at Council offices. Incompetence, inefficiency or what???
The Peter Scullin Reserve is Crown Land. How is it that Council officers were unaware that Ministerial approval was required to remove vegetation from Crown Land given the length of time some of the officers have lived and worked in Kingston?
Glen Agnew is back in the water and researching madly we are happy to report!

Wetlands Project

Waterways Wetlands type of creek development is proposed from Bowen Road to Boundary Road on land currently zoned industrial. However Graham Duff, Melbourne Water, stated at an AGRA meeting that no industrial construction can take place between the creek and Canterbury Road without Melbourne Water approval. A tree barrier could be planted to screen industry from residential areas south of the creek subject to land owners approval. The meeting was also informed that all water from Dandenong Creek flows into Patterson River. A small amount of water is diverted at Pillars Crossing into Mordialloc Creek at all times to keep the creek running. Flood control initiatives for Aspendale were also discussed. In a 1 in 100 year flood Aspendalians were happy to learn that they would be quite safe.

Mordialloc Creek Bridge

Also discussed at the AGRA meeting was the issue of bridge replace- ment and the need to raise the height of the bridge to prevent it acting as a dam during an unusually high tide combined with a 1 in a 100 year flood. Janice Munt has written to VicRoads requesting that MBCL be included on a reference committee for the bridge widening.

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