Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st March 1994

Mayor’s Community Day

The Mayor’s Community Day, 27-3-94, concentrated on highlighting the sediment accumulating on the Horse Paddock Reef. Special thanks to Glen and Mara who organised jars and labels for sticky, black sludge collected from the reef by Glen. The jars proved to be the feature of the day with 346 people signing the petition to be forwarded to Geoff Leigh to present to State Parliament. New trestles and table worked well. Thanks to members of the Home Environment group for their assistance on the day also all League members involved.

The Agnew Report

Glen reported on the follow up of the politicians dive on the Horse Paddock Reef There has been no response from Geoff Leigh or the Minister for Conservation, Mark Birrell apart from forwarding the League an EPA report seeking to play down heavy metal content in the sediment which the CSIRO claims has risen by a factor of 4.
Mara volunteered to contact Swinburne or RMIT film making school to see if they would be interested in making a film for Glen.

Bradshaw Park

Non-endemic trees have now been cut down and will be mulched. The Friends group have until June to spend the remainder of the Grant money.

Braeside Park

The League has learned that freeway will not be moved despite Mark Birrell’s assurances when he was Shadow Minister for Conservation. If the freeway is built adjacent to Braeside Park the wetlands will be affected.
Authorities have at last acknowledged publicly that leachates from the Rowan Road tip have polluted the wetlands and are entering the drains flowing into Mordialloc Creek. At present the State Government and Springvale Council are denying responsibility for cleaning up the mess.

Carrum Lowlands Wetlands Community Forum Committee

Melbourne Water have plans to attempt to alleviate pollution problems with Mordialloc Creek.
The League supports the linear wetland concept as developed by Melbourne Water and wrote to Mordialloc Chelsea News stating this fact. However the letter was not printed. This highlights the deplorable standard of this paper at the moment which features 99% advertisements, two letters per week and no news about the disastrous effect of the tipping and sand mining industry on the Creek and Bay. Moorabbin Standard and Oakleigh Springvale Times both have two or three pages of letters and devote several pages to environmental problems in those areas.

Beaumaris Park

C. King is preparing a submission for Heritage listing for the park. Mordialloc Council has received a report by BIOSIS to be considered before further work commences in the park to clear vines and weeds

Mordialloc Foreshore Developments

Lights around the Scullin oval will soon be installed. Planting along the Pier and removal of concrete blocks at the Pier mouth will commence shortly as will work by LEAP people at the Mundy Street car park and on the promenade north of the Mentone Lifesaving Club.

Next Meeting of the League 12TH April Second Thursday due to Holidays.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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