Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 12th April 1994

Bradshaw Park

Scouts from the 8th Mordialloc Troop were involved in planting 280 items including trees, shrubs and grasses in Bradshaw Park in March. The scouts will return for further planting on the 23rd May.

Braeside Park

A successful planting day 10-4-94 saw 200 trees planted between Governor Road and the bird hide.
17-4-94 will be a planting day for Girl Guides from the Dingley area. Scouts will be also involved in establishing trees in the difficult clay/peat type soil.
The wetlands in the park now contain stinking water-a mixture of leachates/and detergents. State Government Ministers and Springvale Council are still debating who should be responsible for the clean-up of the leachates flowing into the park and then into Mordialloc Creek.

Driven by the “user pays” policy of the State Government, Park rangers are introducing donkey rides as a means of earning finance despite a ruling banning horses from the Park because of the danger of introducing non- native plants to the area. Presumably donkeys would fall into the same category!

Carrum Edithvale Wetlands Lowlands Comittee

Scott Seymour has forwarded the League a report of bird sightings in the area.
It was moved at the CEWLC meeting by Cr Williams that the League write to Mordialloc Council asking that a member of Staff or councillor attend the meetings because of the planning initiatives involving Mordialloc Creek.

A letter was duly forwarded to the Council suggesting that Mordialloc Council be represented at the meetings. As there had been no response after three weeks and as the next meeting was on the 21-4-94, enquiries elicited the response that the person written to had not sighted the letter! For whatever reason it would appear that Mordialloc Council does not want to be involved, or perhaps be reminded, of the problems associated with the creek.

David Allen will attend the next meeting of the CEWLC at Braeside 21-4-94.

Beaumaris Park

We are still awaiting the BIOSIS report on Beaumaris Park and hope that it will emphasise the significance of the park especially as a submission is being prepared asking that this area be accepted for Heritage listing.

Planning Applications for Parkdale RSL Monument / Foreshore Mundy Street

MBCL did not object to Specific Improvement Measures 2,3,4,5,6 for the Parkdale site but queried the need for a low hedge which could trap rubbish. Given the shortage of manpower and resources for work on the foreshore the planting, watering, trimming and clearing of the hedge would appear to be a waste of time and resources. The “memorial is located with the bay and horizon as a powerful contemplative backdrop” Will a low hedge add to the ambience of the memorial?
Re-vegetation of the foreshore at Mundy Street is a welcome move.

Next Meeting: 3rd May. Hope to See You!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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