Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th September 1994

Our sympathy is extended to members who were suffering personal or family illness at the time of our last meeting – Glen, Mara, Frank and Diane.

We are delighted to welcome two new League members — Liz Richards and Sonia Toneatto and hope that their time with us will be a worthwhile experience.

Mordialloc Creek / Wetlands

Following the Leagues decision to campaign strongly for the development of a linear wetland along the bank of Mordialloc Creek as a means of treating waste- water, C. King prepared letters to be sent to relevant Ministers and authorities seeking an assurance that the Melbourne Water Draft Plan would be implemented as soon as possible.
Evidence continues to mount which advocates the use of wetlands to filter and clean stormwater. Articles in the Adelaide Advertiser June 16 1994 entitled “MFP wetland tourism boost”, National LG Engineering Conference Adelaide 1993 “Stormwater Management in Adelaide” and Vol 36 No 3. September 1994 Trees and Natural Resources devotes most of the periodical to wetlands as habitat protection and water treatment resources

Heritage Listing for Beaumaris Park

C. King is finalising the submission for Heritage listing of Beaumaris Park. Maps, photos and historical records are required to complete the submission which has been a time consuming task for Chris.

Mordialloc Foreshore

Light poles which are no longer required on Mordialloc Foreshore have been partially dismantled. One pole still needs to be relocated to a less obvious position.

Two signs will be removed for the Horse Paddock car park in order to reduce the excessive signage.

Bus shelters will be re-located to a less obtrusive position on Beach Road.

Essay Competition

M. Hayler has once again been invited to judge the essay/story competition for primary school students in the Isaacs Electorate. Depending on the availability of judges the results will be announced in October. We support this project and appreciate the fact that Mara is prepared to make time available for judging the entries.

Other Business

A large house on the corner of Beach Road and Warrigal Road has an extension which makes this a three storey dwelling. Changes to the residential develop- ment regulations (now Vic Code 2) may see applications for multi storey developments on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay spreading from the inner suburbs to suburbs right round the Bay. Chris volunteered to check current local building regulations with Mordialloc Council.

Meeting Closed 9.30pm

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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