Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th July 1994

Bradshaw Park

Grant money is now totally expended and the project is completed. Two new signs have been acquired. One of these has been attached to the workshed and advises the public of the work of the Friends of Bradshaw Park.

Mordialloc Creek

The Dandenong and Springvale Sewage water was diverted to the Carrum plant on July 3rd. EPA personnel were observed taking samples shortly after…. Samples will be taken to check on the state of the water after the diversion of the sewage. The creek is once again tidal and therefore the water level is at times very low.

Braeside Park

The developers of the Braeside Industrial Estate have been quarrying clay from a section of the park to use for filling in another area. The deep hole is supposed to become an artificial lake but will need to be filled to a depth of three metres if this is to happen. 16.52 hectares of manna and red gums will be retained on the southern end of the estate.

Beaumaris Park Heritage Listing

C. King continues with the preparation of the submission for the listing of the park.

Parkdale Lifesaving Club Shelter

The shelter which will be built on the Northern end will be compromised as a shelter because it will be open to the weather on three sides. The structure will impinge on the view across the Bay and detract from the importance and significance of the war memorial. It will require maintenance and may attract vandals. The ad hoc planning by Mordialloc Council appears to be the result of not having a Local Conservation Strategy Plan.

The Agnew Report

Glen reports that the artificial reef constructed of old tyres 3kms off shore from Carrum is now a maintenance problem partly because the two organisations responsible have become defunct.
Funding sources are still being investigated whilst research into arsenic levels in the marine environment are being studied.

BIOSIS Report / Beaumaris

Work is about to commence on removing weeds from the Beaumaris Park. LEAP personnel will be used under supervision. One of Mordialloc Council’s Parks and Gardens personnel will be responsible for work following the initial clearance. Unfortunately there are insufficient resources to employ one or two people full time in the park. It is hoped that a friends group may be formed from people living in the area.

General Business

Excessive signs and in some cases duplication of signs in the Horse Paddock car park have been noted and this matter referred to both the City Engineer and the Acting Engineer. Council plans to study the placement of bus stops and bus shelters along Beach Road and to relocate some shelters where they impinge on the views across the Bay.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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