Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th June 1994

Bradshaw Park

Foxes are still a problem in the park. The re-generation area has a new sign. A representative from Melbourne Water has inspected the work undertaken with Grant money. The report is due in August. There will be meeting of the Friends Group to finalise the spending of the remaining grant money.

Carrum Edithvale Wetlands Mordialloc Creek

Scott Seymour of Melbourne Water believes that the linear wetlands along the North bank of the creek should go ahead. Geoff Leigh MLA, claims that if the Keysborough housing proceeds land must be set aside for a linear wetland. It may be necessary to lobby State and Councils reps to ensure that this plan does proceed.


It is possible that the Council’s BIOSIS Report on Beaumaris Park may reflect the terms of reference originally given to J. Yugovic. It is also felt that the report does not go far enough in its aims and that there must be sufficient human resources to carry out the program with one person responsible for the area especially if a Friends Group is also to be involved.

Heritage Listing of Beaumaris Park

It was moved that:- MBCL prepare a submission for Beaumaris cliffs to be included in the National Estate listing.

C. King will consult with Simon Molesworth and Geoffrey Goode re the listing of the park which will include the Sandringham section of the Beaumaris cliffs. It was felt that the BIOSIS report will support the MBCL submission.

Ask Council to replant the trees which were chopped down at Deauville Street.

Mordialloc foreshore

A standing shower is being erected at the northern end of the Horse Paddock car park. There is excessive signage at the Horse Paddock car park with a total of ten signs some of them duplicated. The City Engineer will inspect the site. The SEC and City Engineer will discuss the removal of the surplus light poles on the Mordialloc Foreshore.
A bus shelter has been erected on Beach Road opposite Rennison Street. MBCL asked the Engineer if it could be moved to the north so that the view of the Bay not be obstructed at this flat open section of Beach Road.

Agnew Report

Glenn was referred to in the latest EPA Review and given credit for alerting the EPA to pollution problems in the Bay off shore from the Horse Paddock Reef. MBCL will auspice Glen if necessary in a funding application.

Other Business

MBCL attended the launching of the City of Chelsea’s excellent Conservation Strategy Plan on Environment Day 5th June.

MBCL was invited to the launching by the Hon. M.Birrell of the “Action Plan for Mordialloc Creek: a model for cleaner waterways.” This event was at Doyles.

It was moved that the League write to the EPA congratulating them on their plans for the creek and request that the Horse Paddock Reef be retained as a research area to monitor the effects of the Mordialloc plume on the marine environment.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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