Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd August 1994

Mordialloc Creek

Following the the diversion of the D.S.W.B. water to Carrum for treatment, Mordialloc Creek has reverted to a tidal estuarine waterway with extremely shallow water at low tide. This is a problem for boats moored in and using the creek. EPA is monitoring the before and after effects of the diversion.

Braeside Park and Adjoining Industrial Estate

Melbourne Water have shown some concern at the extent of the clay quarrying in the Industrial Estate. A newspaper report outlines the extensive development planned of the site.

Future directions for Braeside Park include greater emphasis on money making activities for Park maintenance.

Heritage Listing BIOSIS report Beaumaris Park

Letter boxing by Council of the Beaumaris area designed to encourage people to form a Friends Group to assist with reclamation work in the park have met with
no success.

BIOSIS recommended the formation of a Friends Group as an important component in the reclamation work in the park. How can the work be carried out without people to assist Council staff in this task?

How was the leaflet worded? Was this responsible for lack of response? Which area was letter boxed? Was Beach Road the only area to be letter boxed or did the hinterland also receive this information ?

Should Council attempt to get publicity for the project through an article in the local paper?

Community Streamwatch

Chelsea Council’s Conservation Officer, Doug Evans has invited MBCL to join the Community Streamwatch program which is designed to monitor water quality in Mordialloc Creek. Other groups invited to participate include Bay Rescue, CRAG, and Mordialloc Chelsea High School. Chris will write to the City Engineer asking that an LCSP be prepared as instructed in the Mordialloc Creek Action Plan

Mentone Pier

A report in the local paper states that a report has been completed which examines the costs and beach impact if the pier is reconstructed. It is proposed to ask the City Engineer for a copy of the report.

It is thought that a detailed Environment Effects Statement and hydrological study would be required before a permit was granted for this work.

Meeting Closed: 9.30pm.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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