Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th April 2004

541 Main Street, Mordialloc Decision

The VCAT determination for 541 Main Street, Mordialloc, not surprisingly for we cynics, has approved three storeys with the fourth storey set back, for the old police station site. Those of us attending the four days Hearing believe that Council’s special witness, Craig Czarny, damaged the Council’s case by admitting that he had been engaged by Council to model height limits for the core commercial area between Main St, Beach Road and Owen Street. In his submission to the Hearing the consultant stated that “the plan envisages a maximum height of 4 storeys for the central precinct? Under cross examination by Ms Brennen, for the developer, Czarny stated that his views of an appropriate development of the subject land would be a 3 storey street wall recessive above“. Making four storeys and thus setting a precedent for four storeys in the Mordialloc Activity centre. In their summation the Members found that, “We note that he, Mr Czarny, did not recommend a two storey built form as suggested by some objectors, but rather he conceded that a higher form of development was possible on the site.’ The member continues, “We have taken the step of lowering the building(from 5 storeys to 4) generally along the lines recommended by Mr Czarny.”

Channel Deepening

Three Blue Wedge Coalition members attended a Gateway Process meeting at the Port of Melbourne Authority offices organised by the Government. The ‘gatekeepers’ were appointed to assess
the business justification for channel deepening. The gatekeepers came from Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide! Channel Deepening Meeting at Chelsea RSL Monday 3rd.

541 Main Street, Mordialloc (continued)

Mr Czarny is still employed by council and states in his sub. to the Hearing that “work is underway to determine an appropriate scale (of development) for this and other land in the activity centre” He specifically mentioned in his submission that the arc of Beach Road would be an “appropriate site for higher forms of development. The Housing commission units perhaps? The question then is why are 4 storey height limits still being considered when councillors (we believed) and the community have consistently objected to 4 storeys in Mordialloc? What is the process at work here? Are the councillors and the community’s preferred options being ignored? Who in council is making decisions which ignore the community’s preferences despite the DOI directive in the General Practice Note for Structure Planning for Activity Centres. “Consultation with stakeholders throughout the process is essential…Community engagement is a key element at all stages of preparing a structure plan… Each stage will need specific stakeholder engagement and community consultation.

Mordialloc Skateboard Facility

Despite over 30 objections from nearby residents and others it seems certain that the site in Attenborough Park will be chosen for the 8-14 year olds’ skateboard facility. The park has been the subject of an extensive Draft Master Plan as a passive recreation area. The site is in close proximity to Doyles hotel with people parking on the park in the evening, close to the creek where vandalism of boats is a frequent occurrence, and will increase littering of the area especially if a kiosk is included.

Linton Street Park Sell Off

Part of Council’s proposal for the retention of this wonderful asset is the sell-off of a nearby well-used children’s playground in an Activity centre. Objections to Council funds being used to benefit the St Kilda Football Club, present occupants of part of the site. Residential development- may be included on the site in the future. Moorabbin Arts Centre, Town Hall and former Municipal Offices are in a Business One zone and can be easily sold off.

Chicquita Park

There is a Directions Hearing on 4 June to hear the ‘denial of natural justice’ claim by the owners of the park, Chicquita Pty Ltd. Objectors have the opportunity to apply to be heard.

Sale of Properties: Broadway and Argyle Streets Chelsea

The sale of these properties for development means a lost opportunity to provide open space/parkland in an area where streets have on average 700 units and no stand alone houses and no gardens or play areas. KRAMMED has presented attractive alternatives for these sites to council and ward councillors. Any- one listening?

Racecourse Lake Saga

Racecourse Lake Saga provided an example of how media can be manipulated to try to damage a person’s credibility. There was clearly a need to remove the carp which were eating duck- lings. The letter writer’s protests were completely illogical and reflected badly on the motives of the media involved.

Drill’s Land

The brakes are back on since Louise Kerford has resumed handling the project. Melbourne Water now say the storm water re-route from Bowen Road, Aspendale Gardens to Drills Land has no priority! Aspendale Primary School is extremely disappointed because it had adopted Drills Land for Environmental Studies. David Digby is very frustrated with the lack of progress and the committee is worried funding will roll over to another project. “However, we have decided to go ahead with whatever earthworks and plantings we can. Kingston Council have appointed a landscape design consultant and works will be tendered out.” Let’s hope this terrific project can continue.(Nina’s report)

Peter Scullin Car Park

We have not been shown the final plans for the car park since our meeting with Tony Rijs. However, someone rang in great agitation to say that the palm trees were being removed, and was not consoled when told that they were to be re-located in the Main Street to make way for the realignment of the car park.

Open Space Review

As a result of the Panel Hearing determination for Chicquita Park, council is required to conduct a review of the adequacy of open space and parkland in Kingston. We understand the review will allow for public consultation. Watch out for the public notice and perhaps stress the need to retain all parkland to provide open space for plus the extra 9600 houses Kingston is expected to provide under the notorious M2030.

Bay Bicycle Trail

Coming soon. Meetings about the location of the bike path from Charman Road to Mordialloc Creek. A bumpy ride ahead!!!!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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