Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd November 2004

Forthcoming Events

The long awaited presentation by Melbourne Water re Management and waterways in Kingston including the functioning of Waterways wetlands and heavy metal readings in drains and creek, is finally happening Thursday December 2nd 7pm Brindisi Street, Mentone.
Important meeting:- Tuesday November 30th. Kingston Bay Trail Working Group 6pm at Brindisi Street, Mentone.
Bonbeach Community Nursery B-B-Q Sunday 5th December 1pm 3pm.

Photopoint Monitoring

Our president has kindly volunteered to use his digital camera and coordinate the photographs to be taken along the foreshore and creek monitoring points. Thanks, Brian! Hopefully the usual crew will be able to lend a hand in finding the sites.

Monterey Cypresses

Monterey Cypresses in Attenborough Park will be assessed to check their health after the severe storms which caused splitting in one tree trunk. It is hoped that the trees can be supported and saved because of their historical value and landmark status at the gateway to Mordialloc.

Nylex Bay Spill

Nylex’s costly bay spill in March 2003 resulted in the Magistrate ordering Nylex to pay $50,000 to fund an environmental project involving revegetation of the lower Mordialloc Creek. Diisodecyl phthalate was discharged from the factory via the stormwater system where it travelled 3kms flowing into Port Phillip Bay at Mentone Beach creating a slick approx. 6kms by 2kms.


Wetlands on the north bank of Mordialloc Creek extending from Hain’s wetlands to Wells Road Bridge are to be part of industrial development south of Governor Road. The land on this site was filled with 24,000 cubic metres of illegally dumped acid sulfate soil from Burnley tunnel in 1998 and was not removed. It is buried on site in close proximity Dunlop’s Drain and the creek. Acid sulfate can corrode iron and eat through concrete if exposed to air through dredging or development. Acid sulfate soils have been responsible for fish-kills in northern NSW rivers and Queensland coastal developments. It is also causing concern for those planning to dredge the Yarra shipping channels. A good question for the Melbourne Water rep.– Will there be leaching from the AS site into the proposed wetlands, Mordialloc Creek and Port Phillip Bay???

Channel Deepening

More evidence of the fatally flawed nature of the EES (Environmental Effects Statement) process as the Panel Hearing anticipates concluding December 17. Concluding date was extended by two weeks due to the need for a revision of unsatisfactory reports by some of Port of Melbourne’s Expert Witnesses. Revision of sampling meant additional material had then to be considered by all stakeholders, including third parties whose submissions also now need to be revised. It was alarming to hear the EPA submitters admit to working with POMC for at least two years, and that EPA approval for check dredging to proceed is not required. An Environmental Auditor will be engaged to on the monitoring. The Auditor is to decide when dredging is to cease because of excessive turbidity!

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Mordialloc Structure Plan has been released with minor modifications but little detail. Disappointing that a restaurant is still proposed on the site of the small working boat. sheds on the bank of the creek. Opposite Doyles deck a floating kiosk on the creek is also a possibility. Another jewel in the crown of the Cafe Capital of the southern hemisphere.

Mandatory Height Limits of Three Storeys

Mandatory Height Limits of Three Storeys in residential areas and an average of four Mandatory height storeys for all 900 neighbourhood activity centres across Melbourne. control in our suburban environment is no comfort since developers may build to this limit even where it is not appropriate in residential areas. Melbourne 2030 apparatchiks would like to remove residents rights to notification of a development and the right of third parties to object to developments in activity centres. So much for our democratic rights. SOS president, N.Kirby (Issue 19 October 2004) states:” The irony is that there is no urgency for all this! The government’s population projections are grossly inflated and haven’t been independently and transparently analysed. The government should be scaling down the current development boom”

541 Main Street Mordialloc

An application to review at VCAT this development, The Tribunal handed down a decision April 21, 2004 to approve the development with the condition that the top fifth floor be deleted and that the fourth floor be set back from the frontage. The proponent seeks approval to fill the set back with a reconfiguration of a dwelling. Council contends that there should not be any built form in the set back behind the ugly prow.

Drill’s Land

We understand that a tender has been let and work will soon commence on the master plan for this exciting project. An island for bird habitat and a separate paddling pool for doggies are to be incorporated. Congratulations to Friends and school groups, AGRA, Melbourne Water and Kingston council for the combined effort in achieving this result.

As the year draws to a close let’s try to forget for a while the planning blitzkrieg which has occupied so much of our time. Relax with family and friends hug some trees- swim with dolphins (before dredging commences) and return with a New year’s resolution to deter a developer!

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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