Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th June 2017

Level Crossing Removal

The Edithvale Wetlands may be at risk according to two consultants reports. Chosen to review the Government’s preferred option in the level crossing removal programme the report states that trenching required for the rail line may cause groundwater to build up. This will have to be disposed of by Melbourne Water pumping water to the Ramsar listed wetlands, or elsewhere, which in turn could alter water levels causing detriment to vegetation used by birds for nesting or if the water becomes acidic or saline this could also harm bird life.

Mordialloc Bypass

Mordialloc Bypass will not only affect housing in Waterways and Aspendale Gardens but is intruding into and removing a section of Braeside Park. Residents in Dingley are concerned about this development as are Moorabbin residents because of the impact that the proposed freeway will have on the already heavily congested South Road where it enters the Nepean Highway in Moorabbin.

Bay Trail

Plans for the trail went to Council once again, Monday 16th June. Due to the interference of the Member for Mordialloc who claimed that he had not been consulted about the bike track, and his appeal to the Roads Minister, further council consultation was undertaken thereby giving Mentone Beach Road residents the opportunity to “snow” VicRoads who then wrote to Kingston CEO, 26 April, implying that “the majority of correspondence received from the community (guess who) relates to to loss of parking on Beach Road versus vegetation retention.” The result is that Council planners have provided a compromise which involves providing 76 parking spaces between Mentone Lifesaving and Mentone Parade – unfortunately the section of foreshore with the most significant vegetation. The Traffix Group study states that “based on our site inspection there will be a significant level of vegetation clearing and earthworks to achieve the proposed 4.2m wide envelope from the proposed kerb line. However should the vegetation be required to be retained, the proposed 2.7m path would provide for the minimum operating envelopes.”.

The Sporting Globe

Interestingly Stephen Mayne came and addressed Kingston Council about gambling and the Council Agenda 26 June advises that Council has received an Invitation from Alliance for Gambling Reform to Join Leadership Group of Councils. “This consortium of organisations share concern about the impact and harm of gambling on Australian culture and society” Councils involved are Cities of Greater Dandenong, Moreland and Melbourne.

Councillor Code of Conduct

Not a moment too soon! Council Agenda 26 June, reports Cr Barth’s resolution, 22 May 2017, Notice of Motion no 21/2017 states that” councillor social media accounts should not be used to spread/host misinformation and hateful remarks against other councillors. Also that “Council write to the account owners of the “Do not narrow Beach Road” social media account expressing its disappointment in the misogynist and personally demeaning attacks on women Councillors and asks owners to discourage this kind of behaviour”. The substantive motion was put and carried with three abstentions: – Crs Bearsley, Gledhill and Hua.

Australia – The Driest Continent

Much concern at the moment about water quality and the availability of the Murray River water for irrigators. Also New South Wales towns have been suffering from lack of rain. Meanwhile in Queensland the Premier is proposing to give Adani a 60 year lease of groundwater-free! Should the mine be approved the mine will draw 26 million litres of water per day for its pits. Water from the Great Artesian Basin is in decline.

Protect Rally Against Plan Melbourne

The protection provided by the residential zones has been dramatically reduced and 70% of all new development will be forced into our established suburbs with multi-unit construction in your local street. The rally on the steps of Parliament 8th June demanded that residents rights be restored and that Plan Melbourne is amended accordingly.
Related to this issue was the clever little map of Australia on The Ag feature page this week which showed the very small areas of arable land in Australia and the much larger dry area and politicians still think that a high migration intake is a good idea.

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