Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd May 2017

Bay Trail

As a result of the Member for Mordialloc’s complaint that there had been insufficient consultation about the trail, two MBCL members had a meeting with the member who could not be convinced that there had been sufficient consultation. Council organised two more drop in meetings about the Bay Trail in May. Meanwhile inflammatory misinformation about lane narrowing was still being disseminated by certain residents.
Latest plans for the Bay Trail were presented at the Public Places and Environment meeting in May and were impressive. The bicycle lane, back of kerb, will only be 2.5m wide, similar to the Bayside Bay Trail. VicRoads have approved narrowing the road lane where necessary such at bus stops.

Stormwater Management

Kingston Council has prepared Amendment C152 to introduce a policy for developments that deals with stormwater – residential or non-residential. This may be necessary because an article in The AGE 23 May, reports that climate change flood risks has doubled in new modelling which states that “Coastal council are at the forefront of dealing with the impacts especially councils such as Seaford, Carrum, Bonbeach and Aspendale”.

Level Crossing Removal

Edithvale rail under road. This option has been approved. Residents opposed to elevated rail option. Unfortunately the high water table will have to be dealt with. A Preliminary Impact Assessment: Groundwater-Rail Under Road AECOM-GHD has identified potential groundwater impacts on the Ramsar listed Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands as a result of the rail under road approach adopted for Edithvale and Bonbeach level crossing removals.

Some of these imparts are:

  • Long term groundwater level impacts (drawdown, mounding, and water logging)
  • Subsidence impacts
  • ASS acid sulphate activation
  • Saline intrusion

Dents Paddock

Objectors to this development went to VCAT for a six day hearing. It was hoped that Council could be encouraged to buy the property to preserve the 70 or more mature locally indigenous trees in an area of Chelsea which is deficient in open space as opposed to sports fields where council is prepared to spend money.

The Sporting Globe

A six day hearing at VCAT resulted in approval for this sports betting Tavern of three storeys with no parking or loading bay. Approval no doubt was a result of having four barristers argue the Tavern’s case. Margaret Baird, Chairwoman hearing the case, thought the this would “vitalise” Mordialloc! Unfortunately it will add a third betting venue in Mordialloc (Kingston Club with 86 poker machines and Doyles with approx 26 EGMs). Numerous reports explain how gambling can result in family violence. Nina and Brian attended the Hearing. Unfortunately approval for a betting Tavern has meant that Mordialloc loses a useful shop selling small household items. It also means the loss of diversity in the shopping centre.

Mordialloc Pier Lights

Joanne wonders why the lights on the pier are no longer heritage. Why the change? Also queried the rules for dog walking on the beach at Mordialloc. Apparently no dogs off lease in the summer months.

Off Leash Dogs in Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Travis pointed out the dogs off leash frightened wild life. He feels that there should be stricter control of dogs in this area. Council manages Yammerbook on behalf of Melbourne Water.

Park Reports

Friends of Kingston Heath Reserve miss the regular visits from Tony Collins to their meetings. MBCL also found Tony’s visits informative. RW suggested that perhaps some park people could attend a Public Places and Environment meeting occasionally to report on progress.

Coast and Creek Booklet

Thanks to Mick’s excellent work the booklet is almost completed. Eagle-eyed editors have had a final meeting. We were fortunate to have Murray Orr attend the last meeting with a replica of a whale tooth found under sea-lodge rocks. Murray supplied photos of fossils found at the site and these will be included in the booklet. It has been suggested that we could seek funding for printing from Council’s Quick Grants Program.

Mordialloc Bypass

Mordialloc Bypass is the next major battle looming. This issue is always raised when there is an election in the offing. There are viable alternatives for the freeway such as a linking road to Springvale Road further to the north. Unfortunately an elevated six lane freeway will be close to Braeside Park, cross over Governor Road, through the wetlands close to Waterways housing, across Mordialloc Creek abutting Aspendale Gardens housing. Drilling is underway in the wetlands for the piles required for an elevated roadway. If it goes ahead the freeway will destroy the peace and quiet of Braeside Park, residential housing and the birdlife in the wetlands. Wells Road residents claim there is too much traffic on this wide road. So the solution is to move the traffic to another section of Aspendale Gardens irrespective of the impact on other residents!!
The northern section of the freeway will connect to South Road at Warrigal Road. South Road already carries very heavy traffic to connect with Nepean Highway in Moorabbin.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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