Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th April 2017

Coast and Creek Booklet

Mordialloc Creek features in the Coast and Creek booklet which is developing in an interesting manner. It is hoped that the graphic artist will be able to attend the May meeting of MBCL. Furthermore an attendee at the April meeting is a keen bird watcher so he might be able to add further info in that area.

Level Crossing Removal

There is an official report around which claims that the Edithvale-Seaford Wetland’s groundwater will be badly affected if the trench method of removing rail crossings is adopted for the Frankston line south of Aspendale. This would mean trenches for Edithvale and Bonbeach stations and a bridge over Patterson River for Carrum plus a relocation of the Carrum Station further along the line.

Duck Shooting Season

Lisa visited the Edithvale Seaford wetlands to check whether there were more ducks than usual having fled the duck shooting in Northern Victoria. It seemed that all is well. Popular duck shooting wetlands, Kerang lakes and wetlands, were closed because of the number of protected species being shot illegally.

Pompei Site

Pleasing to read that a local resident, member of the Boat Owners and Fishing fraternity, was quoted in the local paper advocating that there should be a boat building museum on the Pompei site. This is a better idea than four storey units and a restaurant on this important historical location.

Bay Trail

After considerable consultation by council planners involved in the trail alignment the plans were presented to Council and passed. Unfortunately Mentone Beach Road residents who had anticipated having their Bay views improved with removal of foreshore vegetation during construction of the trail, began a letter drop of misinformation and derogatory remarks about Councillors supporting the alignment. This has now become a political bunfight which is disappointing.

Dents Paddock

A letter from Kingston Manager – City Department advices that the proposal:

  1. Fails to comply with objectives relating to the retention of vegetation and the provision of good quality landscape outcomes.
  2. The proposal will not provide adequate replacement planting to compensate for the removal of established vegetation from the site.
  3. The proposal has provided an insufficient street setback to Tarella Road

Furthermore the trunks of 70 trees on the block (including tea-trees) have been measured and have found to be significant mature trees requiring a permit if approval for removal is granted.

Sad News

The funeral of Brian Pullen, former President of MBCL and a hard working member of many other local organisations was well attended by MBCL, KCEC and green wedge campaigners. We miss his advice and support.

Habitat Magazine

The April edition of the ACF magazine contains excellent articles including one concerning the need to save Victoria’s Mountain Ash Forests in the Yarra Ranges. These magnificent trees live for four or five hundred years and won’t form hollows for nesting animals for a hundred years. The forests are suffering from fires and forestry. There is an urgent need to create the Great Forest National Park.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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