Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th October 2017

Mordialloc Bypass

Five members of VicRoads attended the October meeting plus two members of the Braeside Park Committee.This commenced at 3pm and was a robust discussion. The 9km stretch of four lane freeway (with provision for two extra lanes later) runs adjacent to the Braeside Park boundary and encroaches on the South West corner of the park before crossing Governor Road and entering the wetlands to an elevated road. There is significant vegetation in this section. Passing in close proximity to the Waterways Residential estate as an elevated roadway will create noise issues requiring sound barriers adding to the visual impact. The elevated road will cross the Mordialloc Creek and passover Aspendale Gardens homes before joining Springvale Road.

The meeting concluded at 4pm. Since then there has been an invitation to walk a section of the route with the VicRoads people at a date still to be decided.

Coast and Creek Booklet

The Coast and Creek booklet has been printed and copies have been placed at the front desk of the Council Chambers with Kingston Council’s approval. It is planned to place some in the Parkdale Library and in some schools if they are interested. There is some concern about the Mornington Peninsula Freeway crossing Mordialloc Creek because of disturbance of acid sulphate soil that will occur during construction work with pollution entering the creek.

Pompei Site

Pompei site to be auctioned Friday 27th October. The end of an era of boat building at Mordialloc. Regrettably the Mordialloc Structure Plan, 2004 contains plans for a four storey residential development on the site plus the inevitable restaurant on the creek bank, a museum and marina!

Bay Trail

Good news! VicRoads have approved plans finally! This hasn’t prevented the campaign by Beach Road residents who are still displaying signs on their houses opposing the plan because the bike track doesn’t occupy more of the foreshore which would mean the removal of more vegetation and so improve their view.

Dents Paddock

More good news. The VCAT Hearing resulted in refusal for development of the site because it would mean the removal of too much remnant vegetation. There is still the possibility that the developer will go to the Supreme Court – but for the time being the vegetation is safe.

Groves Reserve

MBCL had a deputation to the local member, Tim Richardson, to seek protection of the remnant Banksia woodland. An SES building is being relocated to the site already occupied by a SCOPE building. The reserve is a hidden gem, an amazingly quiet, sheltered piece of open space listed in Kingston’s Open Space Evaluation as part of the Neighbourhood catchment,(N) a rough natural area (RNA) offering relaxation, contemplation and escape (RCE) .Following Council’s recent meeting with   the SES it is hoped that care will be taken to ensure the building does not intrude beyond Scope’s footprint and that Council staff will undertake management of this gem.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

AGM 7pm 30th October at Chelsea Longbeach Place. Two great speaker, Neil Blake, Port Phillip Bay Keeper and Jay Gleeson AGL Community Relations Manager, Strategic projects will explain the options for shipping Liquefied natural Gas from interstate and overseas. AGL have decided to use Crib Point in Westernport Bay as the Import Jetty and injecting the gas into a pipeline system for transportation to south- eastern Australia. The question is will there be another pipeline needed in Port Phillip Bay or will the existing ethane pipeline be used? I guess we will soon know.

Kingston Planning Scheme Amendment C153 Open Space

The Hearing was held at Kingston Council Monday 23rd October. MBCL presented a submission dealing mainly with the need to ensure that Activity Centres should have a coverage of greenery to reduce the heat island effect. This point is included in the SGS Report presented by Marcus Spiller as expert witness.

How ironic that liveable houses with gardens and trees currently in activity centres are being bought and demolished along with trees and gardens, thus increasing the heat island effect while Council has a climate change possibility in which the greening of the city is being advocated!

Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Energy Comes to Mordialloc at Mordy HQ Monday 13 November 6pm-7pm . The speakers are Don Spencer, Solar Citizens and Mark Wakeham, from Environment Victoria, who will be talking about solar energy.

The Grocery Store

The Grocery Store in Main St, Mordialloc has applied for a liquor licence . Yet another one in Mordialloc! Open seven days a week from 10am to 1am. Claims that there will be no outdoor chairs and tables but perhaps there will a window opening onto the street. Worth objecting to.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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