Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th September 2017

Coast and Creek Booklet

The booklet has been printed and is available for perusal! It is Planned ot place some booklets in the local library and with Council. We are indebted to the graphic artist who took some marvellous photos of plants and bird life along the foreshore and Mordialloc Creek. We are also indebted to Melbourne Water whose earlier grants helped to cover the cost of printing.

Bay Trail

Bicycle Network have approved the compromise proposal for the Bay Trail. There will be areas where Beach Road lanes will be narrowed to protect significant vegetation. From Mentone Parade to Peter Scullin Reserve, Mordialloc the lanes will be narrowed where there are bus stops or difficult parking problems on the narrow foreshore such as at Parkdale Yacht Club.

Kingswood Golf Club

The Kingswood Golf Club is under treat from developers. The Kingswood Golf Club is facing residential development rather than open space which is what the Dingley residents were hoping for. A certain person mentioned at the lobster luncheon at Beaumaris is seeking permission to develop land in the green wedge in Keysborough. The large cemetery is still a threat hanging over this section of the South East Green Wedge.

Council’s End of Year Volunteers Thank You

The end of year ‘thank you’ event is usually provided by the Council staff for volunteers who work with Council in the parks, reserves, foreshore and creek banks. It seems that some groups have declining numbers as people move away and young people have to work and haven’t time to give to volunteer work. Previously there has been a barbecue at the depot or in one of the parks. Last year is was a very pleasant luncheon in the Carrum Life Saving Club.

Dents Paddock

The planning object when to VCAT 20th September. Unfortunately it seems that Council is not prepared to buy this significant piece of remnant vegetation to supplement lack of open space in this section of Edithvale. The result will be 14 two storey units on the last piece of native bush in Chelsea.

The Sporting Globe

The sporting globe replacing the useful Discount shop is Main Street Mordialloc has applied for a liquor licence to operate from 8am to 1am the next day. This will be on the three levels where gambling will also be available for those hours. The issues are with lack of parking, noise and the fact that Kingston is already claimed to be one of the top ten suburbs in the Metropolitan area for gambling and domestic violence problems.

Mentone Hotel

Mentone Hotel has applied for approval for 29 two storey units on the carpark and 13 units within the hotel. This will add to traffic problems on a busy intersection of Beach Road and Mentone Parade.

Port Rail Shuttle

The Port Rail Shuttle looks to be going ahead and should remove some of the trucks off residential streets in the inner city suburbs. There is also a rumour of a gas pipe line from Crib Point-and then were?? Will this mean another pipe line across Port Phillip Bay? Or will the existing ethane pipe line be used, the one entering the Bay almost in front of Mordialloc Lifesaving Club??

Groves Reserve

Groves Reserve is the latest piece of Open space under threat from development. The SES have been given money and approval from the Labor member to build new premises on the remnant Banksia Woodland. Called Groves Reserve after a politician who was also a strong supporter of education and eventually responsible for the creation of the Caulfield Institute of Technology.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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