Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th December 2017

Bay Trail

On the 24th January, Council approved completion of the Bay Trail as planned. VicRoads and Bicycle Network Victoria supported the plan, as did Kingston’s five intelligent councillors who have had so much to put up with from noisy minority.

Neighbourhood Character Study for Ormond Street?

Residents are attempting to save some of this small street of original dwellings. In this area, Collacott and Abrkly Street some of the houses had stables for rac horses in the back yard. The last of these in Collacott street was still being used as such in the 1990s when it was considered environmentally harmful to have waste from the stables flowing into drains and ultimately into the creek and Bay.

Mordialloc Creek

The Pompei land and boatshed has now been sold and the developers are hovering expecting to erect four storey units on the site of the boat shed, and according to the Mordialloc Structure plan, a restaurant could be built on “The bank of the creek.” This is despite the fact that the area is subject to flooding after heavy rain. Of major concern is if the Mordialloc Bypass goes ahead there will be four lanes of elevated roads crossing over the award wining Waterways. At present this wetland has flourished in the seventeen years since it was established. It is prized, not only by the residents living in Waterways, but also their neighbours across Mordialloc Creek in Aspendale Gardens, who enjoy walking in this quiet space and observing the bird life in the wetlands. If the elevated freeway goes ahead traffic will be travelling across the wetlands 24/7 thus wrecking the peace and quiet currently enjoyed by the residents.

Edithvale Seaford Wetlands

Edithvale Seaford Wetlands is another significant environment under threat from inappropriate development. Because some residents don’t want an elevated rail line passing through their suburb the decision has been taken to put rail under road between Edithvale and Bonbeach.  This has infuriated Seaford residents who will lost an important access point to Nepean Highway. There is uncertainty about the impact of groundwater movement on the wetlands should the required excavation go ahead for the lowering of the rail line. For example, how could a build up of groundwater be dealt with without affecting the wetlands?

Street Tree Management Plan

Dr Gregory Moore, speaking at a KRA meeting at Mordialloc Neighbourhood House recently, claimed that the City of Kingston only has 12% tree canopy coverage whereas metropolitan suburbs should have 30% canopy coverage. While trees planted in nature strips may partly rectify the problem Council is fighting a losing battle because as fast as trees are planted developers demolish house and gardens. One of the disappointments about the Street Tree Management Study was the fact that greater emphasis wasn’t given to using locally indigenous trees as nature strip trees. There is a wide variety of these plants to select from and using local species helps to highlight the character of Kingston as a bayside suburb much as the City of Bayside has done with their distinctive foliage apparent as one passes through the area.

Mordialloc Hotel

Mordialloc Hotel is to undergo a change. While the original part of the building will be retained the newer section and terrace will be demolished. It is planned to build 2 storey units on the car park at the rear of the building. The intention is to keep the hotel functioning as a hotel with pokies, etc. Two underground car parks are supposed to cater for both residents and hotel patrons. Meanwhile the Mentone Hotel, the Edgewater (or the Edgy) is going to VCAT May 8th. Residents are opposing over development of the car park with unit development although four storey units have already been opposed.

Car Parking

Car Parking is a major problem in Mordialloc Main Street and surrounding residential streets with some traders parking all day in residential streets. A certain young man, with an SUV, seems to have taken up permanent residence in a designated parking spot which would have been a joy for some local shopper to use for half an hour.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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