Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th October 2000

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

Submissions to Kingston’s Residential Strategy close November 21. The Planners claim that they have only received six submissions. Let them know what you think of dwellings in Kingston where the only private open space will be on the roof top or on a balcony. Bayside residents have successfully persuaded their Council to agree to 1:400sq metres throughout the municipality. Despite loss of trees and gardens there is no provision for public open space to compensate in Kingston. Miles Lewis says that ‘densification is attacking the liveability of Melbourne and assaulting some of the values held most dear. Residents have rights?

Photopoint Monitoring

We begin the next round of monitoring in November. A recent inspection of the foreshore indicated that vegetation is responding well to the recent rain. With the demolition of so many of the houses, gardens and trees along Beach Road, the foreshore vegetation is especially important to buffer the built area from the foreshore.

The Parks

Chiquita Park is approx. 5 hectares and contains a stand of Cherry Ballart trees. The Defence. Dept is offering it for sale at $1 million. Braeside Park The nursery is progressing. The sewage work is almost finished. A bus tour of the Park is planned. Cr van Klaveren has been invited.Cattle grazing which has been used to keep grass in check is ceasing after 20 years. Mowing is taking its place and indigenous Chocolate Lillies, Milk Maid and red gums are appearing. The Grange An Open Day is planned. Precious Sun Orchids died after some not so gentle weeding around them! A proposal to build a road around Namatjira Park has not been well received. Also opposed by residents is Kingston Council’s plan to “re-develop” Westall Station as part of the Residential Strategy. Keely Park, donated to the community is affected. Bradshaw Park Extra painted(decorative?) fence panels are to be created by Parkdale Secondary College students. Discussion as to whether the park needs a distinctive gate to advertise its existence and perhaps a name change to Indigenous Plant Reserve.


Excell will gather seeds and eventually take control of the remaining 4 hectares of Herb-rich Grassy Wetland left on the site. Orchids rescued from Epsom are growing well in Braeside nursery.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

The AGM 16 October was well attended by MBCL members, apart from Stephen as MBC1 delegate. Penny, Nina and Brian attended as observers and three Earth Repair lads gave a presentation. President Goode might have thought it was an MBCL take-over!

Mordialloc Creek Environs

Nina raised the issue of weed infestation on the south bank of Mordialloc Creek and queried who was/is responsible for maintenance. Suggested that she contact Melbourne Water and also discuss the revegetation of the wetland near Brown’s Reserve the water of which is probably saline. The soil may also require testing. Kingston Parks and Reserve crew may become involved budget permitting. A meeting between CRAG, MBCL, Melbourne Water, Cr van Klaveren was planned.

Weed List

Robert and Stephen discussed the possibility of compiling a list of weeds not to be planted in suburban gardens and preferably not to be sold from nurseries. still hang sale

Melbourne Water Drain, Mentone Parade

A copy of Kingston Council Minutes seems to suggest that Melbourne Water was responsible for replacing sand as it erodes from the south side of the drain. Litter traps were also to be installed in the drain but Kingston Council seems to have been prepared to pick up the tab for both the sand replacement and litter trap installation. The sign warning swimmers to avoid the Mentone drain after rainfall has been removed and according to a MW spokesperson will not be replaced. Inquiries are continuing.

Foreshore Landscape / Leisure and Study Steering Group Report

While there seems to be an appreciation of the importance of retaining vegetation for erosion control as well as for aesthetic reasons along the foreshore, there is also pressure for commercial activity especially around Mordialloc Creek. A council staff member who claims to have ‘consulted the community’ came up with some bizarre suggestions for installations along the foreshore not exactly water related activities!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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