Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd October 2001

Photopoint Monitoring

A welcome visit from Tony (Excell) who presented the second report containing text and photos recording progress in revegetation areas along the foreshore and creek. Next round of photography in November. Disappointing that a 5-star ‘cubby’ has been built amongst the melaleuca on the north bank of the creek. Police and By-laws officers are to monitor more regularly. Bollards have been removed allowing vehicles to enter off Wells Road and dump rubbish.
Branches are still being torn off vegetation opposite San Antonio Court. Signs may be installed stating that “This is a re-vegetation area”. Students from Mentone Girls Grammar and Kilbreda are working with Excell in re-vegetation projects on the foreshore and their excellent work receives positive publicity in the media. Real Estate agents must be deterred from removing vegetation to ‘improve views’ prior to sales.

Drills Land

The Steering Committee is frustrated with lack of support from Melbourne Water and KCC. CRAG has plants ready to plant but approval hasn’t been given to go ahead. Ken Carney AGRA, has organised a meeting with MW and KCC to discuss issues and progress.


There is concern about saving the outstanding trees on the Mayfield site in the event of the house being demolished. Trees include 3 Bunyah pines, conifers and palm trees. It was suggested that Stephen have the trees added to Kingston’s Significant Tree Register.

The Parks

Anne Corcoran, Labor MP will open Braeside Park’s Federation Trail November 10th 2pm. Wildflowers are flourishing at Rowan Woodlands while The Grange have had a successful Spring Planting Day 13th October following the launch of their CD and Booklet. Bradshaw Park is planning a controlled burn (1200sq m) April 2002. The hot water system to be replaced by KCC. Spring planting and weeding is continuing. Hazel Pierce Park – Mirror Bush (Coprosma) was recently grubbed out but the stumps remain and are sprouting. 2 clumps of She-oak have been removed near the Snapper Cafe. Why?
All Parks Please Note! A Green Power street stall will be held in Mordialloc Main Street 24 November. Park people are welcome to add brochures to stall if they so desire.

Chicquita Park

Given the loss of open space, both public and private, due to medium density over- development throughout Kingston, it was disappointing that KCC voted to agree to the Defence Departments sale of the Park for unit development. Their offer is for 75% unit development and 25% open space. There is no firm commitment from Labor to reconsider this issue should they win office November 10.

Scoresby Freeway

M.Rimington, KCEC Community Rep on the Dandenong Catchment Committee, attended Meeting no. 23 at Brighton September 26. Ken Russell, Vic Roads was Guest Speaker – his topic the Scoresby Freeway Proposal. During the course of the presentation it was stated that there would be 9-8 creek crossings overall in the construction of the freeway. The PTUA are objecting to the construction of Scoresby because of its impact on the RAMSAR listed wetlands of Editvale and Seaford.. There will be three crossings of Dandenong Creek.

South East Region Cultural Heritage and Environment Coalition

South East Region Cultural Heritage and Environment Coalition (SERCHEC) was formed 17th July with the aim of resourcing and supporting research and conservation projects planned and undertaken by member groups. The initial tasks would include developing a register and data base of heritage and environment groups in the region. Harry van Moorst has set up the Western Region Environment Centre to carry out a supporting role for their environment groups. The work will be conditional on the successful application for a grant from the Department of the Environment and Heritage

Port Phillip Conservation Council

PPCC Draft Policy on Bathing Boxes and Similar Structures on Foreshore Land states:- “Port Phillip Conservation Council endorses preservation of Beach Boxes where they contribute to community values on the condition that they are managed and maintained to a common standard”.

Green Power

Darebin Council “In response to interest and information provided by the Westgarth Action Group resolved on 2 April that Council Officers prepare a report regarding the facilitation of electricity purchasing schemes for the Darebin community incorporating the purchase of ‘Greenpower’.
MBCL/KCEC will have a street stall 24 November, Main Street, Mordialloc to publicise the use of Green Power. Why not come along?

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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