Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th July 2001

MBCL has been involved with the following issues throughout 2000-2001:

Biosolids Woodlands Industrial Estate – Hearing Pending, Appearance at the WTO Senate Hearing at Parliament House Spring Street, Metropolitan Strategy, Green Wedge & Dandenong C2, Mordialloc Structure Plan Focus Group, Landscape & Leisure Study Steering Committee, RMIT Planning Seminar May 2001, Submissions to the Marine & Coastal Parks Study, ResCode meetings at Nauru House, Attendance at the Hazardous Waste Consultative Committee Meetings. A street stall at Chelsea and Mordialloc to disseminate information about coastal plantings.
The past year has been an exceptionally busy one for MBCL and we are extremely grateful that our members are prepared to participate in, and work with a number of environment groups throughout Kingston. This valuable service allows us to offer support or seek assistance when required. Sincere thanks to our hard working volunteers.
Stephen is MBCL delegate to the PPCC and keeps us informed about issues of concern around Port Phillip Bay. Brian & Nina Earl are hard working members of a number of committees, but especially important is their input to Drills Land and Lowlands committee. Penny, as a member of the EPA Beach Watch team, keeps an eye on the beach and importantly, the foreshore vegetation. Brian, as President, has a busy task in keeping abreast of concerns throughout Kingston while our Treasurer keeps a tight rein on budgetary matters. Ron has always been a loyal member of MBCL as well as Braeside Park. Get well soon, Ron.

The Parks

Attenborough Park to be landscaped as part of the Mordialloc Structure plan has power poles through the park which detract from the vistas. The value of Chiquita Park was based on the valuation of 40% of the F6 freeway sold @ $250,000. The privately sponsored photo posts in Bradshaw Park have had the plaques removed by vandals. Funding for security lights has been approved. It is planned to have a notice board placed on the side of the shed. Nina presented an aerial photo and landscape plans for Drill’s Land (Squatters Run). A letter of support for the plans was sent to the committee from MBCL. $50,000 Council grant for the development has been approved. Groves Reserve is the latest piece of open space which may be under threat from Council development plans. Under the rotation scheme for park rangers, Rob Jones is returning to The Grange. An interesting talk on fungi was given by Thelma Spicer. A CD and booklet about The Grange. is being prepared.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

We have received a copy of PPCC’s President’s letter to the Kingston CEO about the threats from residents on Beach Road to foreshore vegetation. The Shire of Mornington took action to protect 320 hectare site from development. The wetland is known as the Tootgarook Swamp. One of PPCC’s policies is the need to protect the few large parcels of undeveloped land left around Port Phillip Bay from more intensive development.

Mordialloc Creek

There is a suggestion that Keefers mussel farm infrastructure may move to Mordialloc creek when it is moved from Beaumaris. There has been vandalism of the fence alongside the Pier and upstream on the south bank of the creek where a viewing platform has been trashed. A cubby has been ‘built’ on the north bank of the creek using old furniture, roofing iron and branches from the stand of vegetation. Excell was informed and plan to revegetate the area.

National Tree Day

As a result of the KCEC/MBCL street stalls, Planet Ark contacted us re planting sites for National Tree Day. Advised them of CRAG’s planting programme for the 29th July.

Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee Siting Project

Committee members include Harry van Moorst, former Werribee Toxic Waste campaigner. This committee is conducting a series of community consultation meetings to decide on the location of future toxic waste sites. The next meeting will be August 1 5pm, Level 46 ANZ Tower, 55 Collins Street.

Victorian Channels Authority

Brian and Stephen offered to check the web site to check on the progress of plans to deepen the shipping channels to allow larger container and oil tankers to enter Port Phillip Bay. This may have an adverse effect on tides in the Bay and therefore on beach erosion especially south of Mordialloc creek.

Ward Boundary Changes

Ward boundary changes are being considered for Kingston Council. Proposals include changing the Long Beach Ward boundaries as well as Carrum Carrum Ward.


MBCL members attended an information session for ResCode at Moorabbin Arts Centre July 13th. It became obvious that ResCode will not address issues which vitally concern residents in Kingston, issues being loss of open space, trees, loss of sunlight and an increase in traffic, parking problems and noise. KRAMMED has been instrumental in thoroughly investigating the implication of ResCode and have produced a kit for residents to use if they plan to fight an inappropriate development at VCAT.


Plans for the VCAT hearing August 6th are proceeding. Members are invited to attend to give support. Thanks to David E. for assessing the Works Permit application for Woodlands.

Photopoint Monitoring

The next round of monitoring is coming up, folks. Tony plans to attend a meeting soon.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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