Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st September 1999

Braeside Park

Braeside park celebrated it’s 10th birthday Sunday 22nd September. Ten Volunteers were presented with certificates in appreciation of their commitment over the years.

Tree Destruction

Mara contacted MBCL concerned at the imminent destruction of a mature flowering eucalypt on a neighbouring block destined for unit development. There were three similar incidents in the last two weeks. The issue has been raised with Council Environment Officers and requested them to commence a Significant Tree Register to try to prevent the destruction of trees by developers before building commences.

Epsom Training Facility Panel Hearing

The Panel Hearing of Amendment L 47 to the Kingston Planning Scheme (Epsom and Environs) commenced on 6th September. The issue concerning MBCL, KCEC and Council was the ULC proposal to relocate a 7 hectare remnant community of Herb-rich Plains Grassy Wetlands (West Gippsland) Community to a flood retarding basin on the southern section of the site on Governor Road.
The Urban Land Corporation paid $17.5 million for the land which is targeted for a 428 house residential development. The development is opposed by the managers/owners of Moorabbin Airport since Epsom is the last piece of open space suitable for the flight path of aircraft taking off and landing. The site is in fact dysfunctional for housing because of aircraft, traffic and industrial noise, traffic problems and possible flooding as well as the most important issue the proposed relocation of the plants. Herb-rich Grassy Wetland (West Gippsland) Community is protected under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988. There are more than 60 regionally significant species on the Epsom site and more were being located even while the Hearing was in progress. Despite this ULC has applied for a permit to relocate 20% of the species to the retarding basin. The remainder of the plants will be destroyed because of the filling required before housing construction commences.
Evidence presented at the Hearing confirmed that past attempts at relocating an entire grassy wetland community have not succeeded because it is impossible to exactly replicate che soil profile and hydrological regime.
We wish to thank Jason Stewart who attended our 1-9-99 meeting and took us through the Botanicus Report and planned strategies for the Hearing. Simon Cropper was Council’s Expert Witness at the Hearing as a Peer Reviewer of the ULC’s Biosis Report which favoured relocating the plants. I attended the six day Hearing and welcomed the support of Jason, and at the presentation of our submissions on retaining the plants in-situ, David Bainbridge, Brett Donaldson (KCEC) and Brian Pullen also KCEC. Report due in two three months.

Attack on the Green Wedge

Submissions are due October 11th on Watson’s proposed 1100 house development north of Hutton Road, Keysborough and Assett Solution’s proposal for 250 houses and an equestrian facility south of Hutton Road on the Theme Park land. Both developments are in the green wedge and the exhibition of the proposals was ordered by Maclellan after being approached by Assett Solutions. Submissions from environmental groups are important.

Meetings of Consequence

  • KCEC meeting at new venue – Mordialloc Neighbourhood House 7.30pm 7th October
  • Making Community Participation Work. A symposium for citizens, councillors & council staff .30-4-30pm 13-11-99 For info. ring VLGA 9 654 0333
  • Sustaining the Global Village. Conference links with Agenda 21. 24-27 October. Melbourne Conference Centre. For info. 9 637 8259
  • AGM Edithvale/ Seaford Wetlands at Edithvale Primary school 7th October 7.30pm. Tony Brindley wetlands creator of Stephen Hains wetlands extravaganza will be in attendance.
  • The Corroboree Tree Grasslands Sunday 10/10/99 St Kilda Cricket Ground 2pm Melways 58B7
  • Family Planting Day Saturday October 9,9.30am GRANGE HEATHLAND RESERVE Melways 79 £8

MBCL and CRAMMED will be attending a Seminar at Melbourne University October 9/10 organised by Save our Suburbs to discuss planning issues.

Doggy Posts????

Stephen reported the sprouting of metre high, undressed 4 by 4s along the foreshore from Mordialloc to Mentone. Enquiries to three council officers revealed that they were as puzzled as we were about the appearance of the posts. Finally one of the officers responsible for foreshore management rang to say that the posts will have yet more signs warning dog owners to keep away!! This officer was very miffed (a) that this would mean more unsightly signs and (b) he was not consulted by his fellow officers!!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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