Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th April 1999


Our Grant Application to Parks Victoria – not successful
Our Grant Application to Kingston Council – still being considered
Submissions to Epsom Training Track Development due 30-4-99. MBCL submission presented 23-4-99.
Submission to the Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan due 30-4-99. Completed.

Guest Speaker PPCC Councillor Alan Clarke

Alan reported on current environmental issues affecting Port Phillip Bay including the proposal to build a large marina at the mouth of Kananook Creek, Frankston. The first inquiry at VCAT cost $280,000 and the second inquiry cost $300,000. Capital Resorts claim the Frankston marina will be totally unviable. Sandringham Yacht Club costs $1 million a year to maintain and has caused Hampton beach to erode costing $3 – $4 million to restore. The question then arises should yachtsmen pay for marina facilities?
Aquaculture is not likely to be sited on the Eastern side of Port Phillip Bay because of its popularity as a yachting venue especially for major competitive/International regattas. Port Phillip Conservation Council received $3000 to produce a series of 1800 photos as a record of the Bay coastline. The photos are significant when used as evidence at VCAT hearings to illustrate the extent of erosion caused by manmade infrastructures such as piers and marinas. Old photos show the existence of a beach at Olivers Hill, Frankston, a fact denied by consultants at the VCAT hearings. 12 photos have been donated to MBCL by PPCC.
At the General Meeting of PPCC an attempt was made to formulate a policy on acceptable height limits for buildings around Port Phillip Bay coastline.
There is concern at the changes that the Kennett Government has made to the composition of Regional Coastal Boards because the changes seem to remove community consultation. Decisions could be made at Government level and implemented by the Coastal Boards despite possible local opposition to developments.

Parkdale Lifesaving Club / Bicycle Path

A draft plan of the proposed bicycle path linkage with the Bayside path appears satisfactory but will depend on whether councillors will accept the path to be sited on the verge of Beach Road. Village Committee members asked that Council delay: making a decision on kiosk/cafe in Parkdale Lifesaving Club until the Kingston Foreshore Strategy was released and the community had a chance to comment on the proposal. Council ignored the request and approved the development on the 26th April despite inadequate parking for a 60 seat cafe. There was concern also that the proposed bicycle path on the verge of Beach road may be jeopardised because of the unresolved car parking issue.
Council Minutes report- “at a preliminary conference with objectors, “The grounds of objection were discussed and most objectors present still felt that the development should be rejected.”

Other Business

Tim Allen of Victoria’s section of Marine & Coastal Dept has offered to come and advise us on the implications of the latest submissions to the Marine & Coastal Study.
KCEC – Brian advised that the KCEC Newsletter, Communique, will become bi-monthly. Articles are required.
The Kingston Foreshore Strategy will be available for public comment. Watch for it and have your say!
The Mordigras was well patronised but is not ideal as far as times and attractions go for our purposes. Bring back our Community Day!
M.Rimington attended the launch of Melbourne Water’s program for water quality improvement in the Dandenong Catchment. The launch was held at Doyles. Don Henry of the ACF was a note speaker. MBCL was also invited to present a submission to the Senate Enquiry. The submission was based on the effect of climate change on our section of the Bay. We are invited to attend an inspection of the work to date at the Woodlands Industrial Estate, Saturday, May 1st. Considerable work has taken place on the wetland system. An inspection of the Epsom Training Track revealed many more significant plants than the developers expected or wanted to see since they will have to devise a plan to save them!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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