Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th July 2005


Nina has written a letter of support for Kingston’s NRA Team funding application for Herb-rich Grassland Management at Epsom. Mara, as a result of the bike path debate, has revived Sir Rupert Hamer’s plan to declare Beach Road a Scenic Boulevard. Watch for a Leader article about this proposal. Mara has also written suggesting housing styles for Chicquita Park which would increase the amount of open space available.

Mordialloc Creek Water Quality

Mordialloc Creek Water Quality is threatened by yet another inappropriately sited development in the creek catchment -this time in the Light Industrial Estate in Braeside between Governor Road and the creek at 9 Wyman Place where a concrete crushing and brick manufacturing plant has been approved by COK, EPA and Melbourne Water. While conditions are supposed to apply to prevent waste or waste water moving beyond the boundaries of the development it will be difficult containing noise and dust within the boundaries. This could impact on AGRA’s support for an extension of the Waterways wetland concept extending to the Wells Road Bridge over Mordialloc Creek combining an extension of residential development towards the industrial estate. Factory owners weren’t aware of this industry moving into the estate and are not pleased, because of the noise and dust problems bound to occur.

Bicycle Path

Bicycle Path on the cliff tops, or on the verge of Beach Road, or on a separate Beach Road lane with Beach Road becoming a Scenic Boulevard as envisaged by Sir Rupert Hamer, were ideas. discussed, with a motion that Mara send the letter to the local papers. Bayside Council is currently consulting with VicRoads in order to complete the section of bike path from Cromer Road to Charman Road to connect with the Kingston Section. Stephen pointed out that Council has ignored the fact that many people like to walk on the sandy cliff top track under the trees. They would lose this attractive pathway if a 4.5 metre concrete bike path was built on the cliff top. Geoff Heard represented KCEC at the Met Transport Forum. Bike paths the topic. Bayside Councillor says Aust. Standards for bike paths can be varied in width.

Foreshore Vegetation Management

Foreshore Vegetation Management was the subject of a meeting by members of MBCL and KCEC. DSE was represented and was introduced to the significant cliff top vegetation which would be lost a. by the cliff top bike path and b. Council’s proposed changes to foreshore management precluding the planting of trees or veg. which won’t grow higher than two metres from the floor level of adjacent buildings. We were privileged to have David Bainbridge present to enlighten the DSE rep. about the indigenous veg. since she was a newcomer to the area. MBCL and KCEC also met with Janice Munt to inform her of Council’s proposed NRA management changes for the foreshore ie. direction from top level not to plant trees or weed without approval from the upper echelons. Hundreds of trees ordered from the Beaumaris Community Nursery had to be cancelled as a result of this draconian directive from a council more interested in winning votes by improving property values for Beach Rd residents by providing water views to which they are not legally entitled. Awaiting the outcome of a meeting between DSE and Council regarding the bike path and foreshore management.

Channel Deepening

Channel Deeping debate continues unabated with trial dredging about to commence unless legal action by the Blue Wedge Coalition prevents this happening. An answer from the Fed. Department of the Environment & Heritage in response to a referral under the EPBC Act. The Minister found that trial dredging is not likely to have a significant impact (in his opinion). His response goes on to say that 30 million cubic metres of spoil “has the potential to impact nearby Swan Island, Ramsar sites, threatened migratory species and large-scale dredging at the entrance to PP Bay may alter tidal flows and levels within the bottom end of the Bay and wave refraction around the Heads. Changes in these processes may effect existing erosion and deposition patterns on Swan Island and the ecology of other important coastal saltmarsh habitats in the longer term.” Senator Campbell will still need to consider whether or not to approve the project. So it is still worth lobbying the Senator it seems. Written submissions to Draft SEES Assessment Guidelines must be sent by August 9th. to DSE, Level 20, 80 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000(The Senator still considering major dredging)

Council Election Regulations

Council Elections Regulations will not now be implemented. VLGA advises that elections will be by attendance voting rather than postal voting to further democratise LG elections, the candidates statements won’t change – the proposal to limit what could be said won’t go ahead. Preference listing will continue. A win for common sense.

Friends of the ABC

Friends of the ABC are appealing for people to write to Howard calling on him to rebuild the ABC by guaranteeing its independence from government and commercial influence in the face of further concentration of media ownership in the hands of Murdoch and Packer.

Forthcoming Events

Stand up for a Bill of Rights Saturday August 13 10am-5pm at Melbourne University Law School (TBC) Information from Liberty Victoria 96706422.

Skateboard Facility

Skateboard Facility has been built without committee being notified but committee will be reconvened to discuss landscaping in Attenborough. Park.

Peter Scullin Reserve

The Car Park is going to plan. Changes will improve the foreshore. Nina and Brian closely watching proceedings.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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