Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th October 2005

Forthcoming Events

Public Meeting Nov 7th. 7pm at the Peninsula Community Theatre. Mornington Topic: Forests & Free Speech. Planning for our Future Saturday 12 November 10am-5pm at RMIT Melbourne Campus. Organised by Save Our Suburbs, RMIT, VLGA and Planning Institute. of Australia. Phone 9 347 2233 for bookings. Watch for Friends of Kingston “Meet the Candidate” at the Alan McLean Hall, Mordialloc. Your chance to quiz the incoming Council hopefuls.

Guest Speaker – Jason Stewart

Jason Stewart was our Guest Speaker at October meeting. Jason has returned to Victoria after working for some years in NSW. He hopes to spend more time on his organic farm and energy efficient house at Cann River near the Errinundra Plateau. The 11ha Herb Rich Grassy Wetland on the Epsom training track was partially saved thanks to Jason alerting Council officers of its existence. The Urban Land Corporation somewhat reluctantly agreed to retain 4ha as a significant site to be managed by Kingston Council’s NRA team.

Bike Path

It was agreed to postpone proposed meeting with VicRoads Bicycle Route Managers until after the Council elections since no decisions will be made until business resumes with new councillors in 20006. In the meantime the State Government’s Draft proposals for Sustainable Neighbourhoods places great emphasis on alternative forms of trasport which, of course, includes bicycle paths shown in the documentation just where we want them on the verge of roads or back of kerb.

Mordialloc Creek

Judy has been discussing with Glen the various reports as to water quality in the creek. The most recent reports are difficult to obtain as are reports dealing with contaminated dredge spoil from around the island in the creek. The extent of toxicity and manner of its disposal are also difficult and costly to obtain. Since it can no longer be pumped onto industrial land above Wells Road Bridge where is it being dumped?

Foreshore Vegetation Management

Fortunately the DSE vetoed the second and third principles which Council wanted to introduce into management of vegetation. These were not planting anything that would grow above two metres from the floor level of dwellings on the foreshore or Beach Road and allowing residents to request pruning of trees that they considered were blocking their views despite the fact that there is no legal entitlement to private views of the Bay. Fortunately EVC Management guidelines does permit the re-establishement of, for example, a Banksia Woodland on the foreshore, but priority will be given initially to planting ground cover on the dunes south of the creek. However there has been more vandalism of Banksias south of the creek recently. (EVC Environmental Vegetation Classes)

Linton Street Park

Greg gave a concise summary of the proposed sale of part of the park to allow St Kilda Football Club to relocate its gaming venue to South Road to attract more custom. The land will have to re-zoned at a Panel Hearing, however a new council can reject the plan to sell the park and so retain valuable open space needed when Moorabbin, as an activity centre, attracts high density housing. It was moved that MBCL write to Council concerning the sale of Linton Street Park because of the loss of open space and removal of trees.

Chicquita Park

Cr West walked over the park and found seedlings of Manna Gums. Council agreed to increase the open space component by offering the developer $555,000 for a 360 square metre block of land. The right of appeal and third party objections have been removed by Council applying a DDO. (Design and Development Overlay)

Green Wedge Issue

Brian reported on the application for a caravan park in the Green Wedge at 215-229 Spring Road, Dingley Village. The question was asked was this council’s way of providing affordable housing? A similar application was approved at Dromana by VCAT. Objections have been lodged by Dingley Village and KCEC.

Parkdale Lifesaving Kiosk

Parkdale Lifesaving Kiosk has applied for a liquor licence. Some residents have opposed the application because of lack of parking. MBCL also objected on the same grounds, but also as in 1998, there will be little room for a bike path if there is more parking required on this narrow strip of foreshore. There are other venues nearby providing alcohol. The kiosk is ideal for coffee breaks for walkers and cyclists.

Frankton Environmental Events Calendar

Judy presented the calendar which Frankston produces and suggested that a similar one could be provided by Kingston Council. The calendar that the Community Education Group were involved with for the Foreshore Reference Group is now not going to be produced until 2006 because of shortage of time.

Friends of Kingston

Friends of Kingston organised a viewing of the American documentary “The End of Suburbia” This should be mandatory viewing for all Govt. MPs especially Peter Batchelor. The looming oil shortage will have massive implications for manufacturing of goods as well as car owners. The impact of the cost of fuel is already causing greater patronage of trains but is felt especially by those people who have moved to fringe areas and have to commute to the city – which doesn’t necessarily translate into ever more infill development in established suburbs.

Kingston Environmental Network Group

Kingston Environmental Network Group invited Mike Hill formerly VLGA President to speak, in his new role, as CEO of Victorian Environmental Sustainability Accord. This seems a promising endeavour with the blessing of Minister Thwaites. It appears that the Government will provide funding if local councils can present a case for responsible conservation objectives, Local Agenda 21 and Local Action 31 are integral to the success of this scheme.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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