Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th May 2005


Letters received from Mara re drawing attention to traffic danger in White Street, Mordialloc especially to children attempting to cross the road to access local schools. Semi-trailers exiting the Parkdale Plaza into Melrose Street will increase the traffic hazard.
Letter to be sent to Stephen Hains seeking his assistance in having the wetlands monitored to assess their effectiveness in improving the water quality of Mordialloc Creek since Melbourne Water reports that the water quality in the Creek and Patterson River continues to be rated as Very Poor. Hain’s response will be discussed at June meeting.

Concrete Crushing Facilities Clarinda

As a result of Bill and Mary approaching the Leader articles have appeared in the Moorabbin Dandenong and Mordialloc Chelsea Leaders explaining the possible impact on ground and surface water from the contaminants contained in demolition material leaching from the stormwater ponds and groundwater in the sand quarries. The water in the ponds is to be used to prevent dust causing health problems in the surrounding residential, market gardens and schools abutting the facilities.

Bicycle Path

Council’s plan to formalise the sandy tracks on the cliff top at Mentone into a 4 metre wide shared bike path is meeting with alarm by walkers interviewed. A similar informal sandy track around the Bayside section of foreshore to Rickett’s Point is an example of the importance of retaining the Mentone cliff top path free of fast moving bicyles. As Bill said trying to mix people on one path with speeding cyclists doesn’t work. With the removal of foreshore vegetation for the 4 metre wide track, combined with Council’s outrageous changes to foreshore ‘management’,- removal of vegetation to provide views for priveleged Beach Road residents, the sandy track will be hotter in summer, more open to winds in winter, and lack the natural walking surface. MBCL’s preferred option for a bike path to serve as a commuter path, on the verge of Beach Road.extends the successful Bayside bike path. Unfortunately Vic Roads doesn’t favour a designated safe bike path on Beach Road.

Council’s Foreshore Management Policy

Letters have been sent to DSE Manager Coasts re the proposal to limit future planting on Kingston’s 13kms of foreshore to 2 metres to allow foreshore residents “their views” despite the fact that there is no legal entitlement to views. Letters have also been sent to politicians. The surveys carried out by the council consultant: have been biased by the selection of interviewees – those living only on the foreshore or Beach Road. Council plans in the next stage to interview builders and developers about foreshore vegetation!!! What next? Real estate agents?? A meeting with, and reference to, a former council employee’s species list, Mordialloc Flora, and the Botanicus 2000, study found 54 significant species on the cliff tops 16 of which are found only in this section of the foreshore. 21 of these species are regionally significant.

Destruction of Monterey Cypresses and Other Mature Trees

Destruction of Monterey Cypresses and other mature trees in the City of Kingston is alarming. Legal liability is given as a reason for the proposed removal of more cypresses this time on the creek/secondary college* boundary. 31 trees in the Grange are to be removed, 3 River Red Gums in Clarinda and a meeting with KCEC and MBCL members, politicians and Departmental apparatchiki on the site of the new Law Courts, Nepean Highway, Moorabbin revealed that the magnificent avenue of spotted gums, mature oaks and pines will be destroyed to make way for the building. Vegetation retention was not considered until Greg raised the issue hence the meeting with the above-and the architect.
* Only 5 cypresses out of 47 are considered healthy!!

State Government’s Budget Environmental Policy

State Government’s Budget Environmental Policy lacks funding according to Bill. The Govt. is not seriously considering urban issues such as Melbourne 2030 and lack of sufficient public transport, Lack of public housing is discussed in the newsletter. The privatisation of the big housing commission blocks in the inner city doesn’t address the issue according to the VLGA. Res 3 has not been clearly spelt out to residents who are unaware of how Hull’s 3 storey height limit will impact on their residential amenity since an actual firm boundary for Activity Centres has not been given by Kingston Council. Will it be 400, 500 or 1000 metres from a neighbourhood or activity centre?

Parks Report

Penny reports that a luminous fungi has been found in the Grange which can be viewed in the early morning or evening. Weeding and general maintenance was carried out in Bradshaw Park. Raghodia was pruned because it was smothering native grasses. Peter Krause is now President of the Friends group. Minor works were carried out on Drill’s Land. Planting around the water body. City of Kingston takes over management of the site 1st July. Nina enquires whether there are any Growling Grass Frogs now in the Waterways wetlands? The frogs were relocated from a tip site in Clarinda which was to be filled-to the wetlands. There have been suggestions that European Carp may have infiltrated the multi-million dollar wetlands. with predictable results for the frogs.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

Port Phillip Conservation Council had a lecture from a St Kilda Save the Penguins group explaining the danger for penguins attempting to find food in the turbidity caused by the dredging of the Yarra.

Channel Deepening

Proposal to build an island using the toxic dredge spoil from the Yarra in the Bay as Eco-tourist feature for the ‘Mums and Dads’ according to the Sunday Age 29 May!!!. It will be equi-distant from Beaumaris, Docklands and Werribee. POMC are also calling for people interested in being part of a committee to decide on issues to be dealt with in the forthcoming Supplementary EES.

Mordialloc Creek

As a result of the Leader articles a phone call was received from a resident reported that a dredging company confirmed that heavy metals, arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium was pumped upstream in pipes to land above Wells Road Bridge. This land is now being developed for industry. The dredge company owner also claimed that this dredge spoil was pumped onto what is now residential land. Interesting.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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