Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th April 2005

Forthcoming Events

Kyoto and the Environment Organised by Ann Corcoran, Federal Member for Isaacs Monday May 2005, 7.30pm Mentone RSL . Speakers:- Graeme Pearman and Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage.
Nominations for Kookaburra Awards are invited by Parks Victoria to raise awareness of the extent and importance of parks for healthy people and to recognise those volunteers who are committed to protection, conservation and development of the Victorian Parks system.
And don’t forget the Save the Bay Art Show opening 12 May 6.00pm to 8.00pm until 30 May. Opening hours daily 9am 5.30pm
AETA Australia – East Timor Association are urgently calling for letters to politicians about the Timor Sea Oil and Gas Issue. “Don’t Rob Their Future “Campaign.’
SPA Sustainable Population Australia meeting Saturday 7th May 2pm Henry George House 1/27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne Featuring Fossilgate – the connection between population numbers and oil supply as well as a film of an interview with Jenny Warfe about population growth and the effect on the democratic process and environmental amenity.

Concrete Crushing

Panel Hearing concerning two concrete crushing facilities seeking approval to operate in Clarinda heard residents objections on grounds of the impact of dust and noise on the residential amenity of the area including a school and operating nurseries. MBCL submission raised issues about the impact on groundwater over-usage and possible contamination from the type of demolition material to be crushed e.g. concrete containing asbestos, lead paint and arsenic from timber demolition. Three major drains flowing into Mordialloc Creek flow through Delta and Alex Fraser sites. Settlement, Heatherton and Dunlops drains are already polluted according to the Kingston Industrial Stormwater Project. It was disappointing to hear EPA representatives dismissing the impact of pollution of ground and surface water as being of little significance claiming that water in the area could be classified as “segment B of SEPP(Groundwaters of Victoria) with the following beneficial uses: Potable mineral water supply….and Primary contact recreation!!

Channel Deepening Report

The Channel Deepening Report arrived finally – a massive document containing some astonish- ing revelations about the POMC’s Expert Witnesses less than expert reports. In effect they were told by the Panel to go away and try harder next time. Issues of concern were invited from submitters to be included in a supplementary EES to address the staggering environ- mental problems which exist.

Bicycle Path from Charman Road to Mordialloc Creek

Penny gave a report of the meeting at Council about the path and a lengthy discussion followed. Nina stated that the option of narrowing Beach Road (by replacing the section taken from the foreshore by Vic Roads in ‘988) has not been seriously considered by the consultant or council officers who are fixated- with the cliff top option. It was pointed out that the MBCL option for the verge of Beach Road path has been successfully constructed and used in both Mornington and Bayside. It is pointed out that surveillance is not such an issue if the path is on the verge of Beach Road rather than through the bushes on the cliff top. Object strongly to the suggestion from the BUGS rep to “remove the understorey for greater safety” !!. Jenny W. pointed out that 60% of native birds live in the under-storey and feed a metre from the ground. Jenny also reminded us that lights will be required if the path is on the cliff top whereas Beach Road lighting will suffice if the path is on the verge of the road. Regrettably the cliff top path was approved by Council April 26 – but the battle is far from over.

Residential 3 Zones

Residential 3 Zones are set to become controversial when the public realise that their little shopping centre (a Neighbourhood Centre)is not permitted to have buildings less than 9 metres (or three storeys) in height and may have four storeys. Major Activity centres height limits have a big question mark over them although Hulls, Planning Minister, has approved a two year interim height limit until the council has had time to draw up structure plans for each centre. KRAMMED, having studied Res 3 closely, believes that it is the Activity Centres that should have the 9 metre or three storey zoning being in greater need of protection from a push by developers for 10, 11 or twelve storeys. Until the fine print is revealed, there is uncertainty whether Mordialloc’s Structure Plan will prevent approvals for higher the four storeys in the study areas.

Monterey Cypresses Tree Desecration

Well before MBCL members had a chance to meet with the relevant council officer to discuss the fate of the 12 landmark cypress trees which lend such character to the gateway to Mordialloc, the tree vandals moved in and lopped trees on the Pompei site plus two in Attenborough Park. While it was claimed that an independent aborist’s report stated that the trees “were past their used by date and/or were diseased” some observers knowledgeable about timber, claimed that the trees were healthy. This leads many outraged locals to claim that the clearance on the creek bank around Jack’s sheds was in preparation for the twenty ninth food outlet/caff(so beloved by our councillors) and proposed in the Mordialloc Structure Plan. once the sheds have been removed.

Further Threats to Vegetation

This time on Kingston’s 13kms of foreshore where a change in foreshore management policy is mooted as the result of “randomly selected focus groups” on the foreshore south of the creek and along Beach Road, being asked about the vegetation and how they thought it should be managed. Not surprisingly these 200 or so randomly selected residents thought they should have the right to a ‘view” so Kingston council is prepared to lop off the odd branch of a Banksia to improve the view from the million dollar MacMansion on Beach Road. In future no vegetation likely to grow higher than 2 metres will be planted on the foreshore. !!!

Mordialloc Creek

Mordialloc Creek Working Bee occurred on the 2nd April to plant trees and shrubs on the south bank Swamp Paper bark predominantly..

That’s all, folks, from the tree eradication suburb of Kingston.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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