Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd September 1996

Bradshaw Park

The Friends Group is becoming Incorporated. A routed wooden sign especially designed for the Park was removed and destroyed by contractors employed by the City of Kingston to change signs throughout the City. A consultant was engaged to design the new signs but there was no consultation with Friends Groups re their preference for signs for the parks.

Braeside Park

AGM was held in August with 30 persons present. The speaker was from the Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources. Dingley Village Historical Society is interested in saving the old Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works pumps. The Red Gum Woodland is being re-planted by Braeside staff. Eric Mitchell spoke to the Mordialloc Historical Society about the history of the Park. An Open Day was held 11th August with 2000 people attending. 275,000 visitors came to the park last year. October 20th A walk is being organised by Friends of the Park. An Environmental Planning Management Workshop was held during August. Weeds, rabbits and foxes will be removed by contracted experts.

Karkarook Park

Still awaiting the appointment of the new tenderer.

Green Wedge

A survey is being carried out by consultants. Five Councils are involved in the study.

Marine & Coastal Study Final Draft

G.Agnew stressed that a proper study is most essential before approval is given to the introduction of the Pacific Oyster into the Bay. Funding for thorough monitoring and study has not been provided. Two related reports have just been received :- Draft Victorian Aqua culture Strategy August 1996 and Port Phillip Bay Fisheries Management Plan Background Paper July 1996

Serco Management of Kingston’s Natural Resource Areas

Specifications written into the SERCO contract include 130 hours of support, advice, assistance to be given to volunteer and Friends groups. The 130 hours annually will have to be divided up between the groups and apportioned according to their needs.

The Agnew Report

Suggestion that the Grant Application be shared with another group of divers. The Grant if approved would be much less than Glen requires to carry out his monitoring work. A donation from Eltham College will help replace stolen goods. Officers working with the CSIRO may become victims of a conflict of interest when personal interests are seen to embarrass or contradict official reports. The City of Bayside is establishing a bike path along the verge of Beach Road to Charman Road. The City of Kingston has not shown interest in continuing the bike path to Rennison Street, Mordialloc. Such an extension would reduce the conflicts between pedestrians, dogs, children and bikes on the Mentone section of the bike path. There is to be an extension of the Brighton Yacht Club rock wall eastwards.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition Wetland Seminar

The date of the Seminar has been changed to February 1997, possibly held at Chelsea Speakers and displays by environmental groups will be a feature of the seminar.

Other Business

J.Cuthbertson presented the KCEC case at the AAT Appeal against a proposed garage development on the corner of Governor and Springvale Roads.

City of Kingston Corporate Plan is to be reviewed. Written submissions are due now. It is important to stress the continued importance of the environment which was considered to be the most important issue when a survey was carried out by the Commissioners in 1995.

Meeting concluded 10.30pm

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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