Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th August 1996

Sincere thanks to our hard working committee members who have loyally supported MBCL activities over the years. Whilst many of the gains made are now in the process of being eroded by the pro-development mentality of “responsible” authorities, we expect the wheel to turn.

Bradshaw Park

There are now 8-10 people in the Bradshaw Park Friends group who come along to sausage sizzles. It is not yet clear what is expected of this group now that 56 Council Parks & Gardens staff have gone. 27 staff have been engaged by SERCO but only 2-4 staff will be involved in maintenance and re-vegetation of the entire foreshore, parks and creek banks. Those re-employed suffered a cut of between $3000-$4000 in their wages. At present the gates to Bradshaw Park are left open.

Braeside Park

The Braeside Nursery has been supplying the City of Kingston with 2000 plants. A Grant of $2000 has been received to double the size of the nursery, the expanded plant nursery facilities will be able to supply the whole of the City’s Parks with 40,000 plants annually if required to do so. Buildings on the Woodlands Industrial estate have been built right on the boundary of the proposed freeway reservation thus precluding any change to the route of the freeway in the future. At present the freeway route curves towards the East, towards Braeside Park’s western boundary. Mark Birrell, when Shadow Minister for Conservation, promised to examine the route to see if this quite unnecessary curve could be removed by straightening the route or curving it towards the Woodland Industrial estate. The reason for making this request was to increase the size of this important and popular park. Not surprisingly no change to the route has occurred.

Green Wedge / KLSP

McLellan reversed his decision of the 25-2-96 and has now allowed the Cranbourne/ Sandhurst development to proceed. Consultants have been engaged by the City of Kingston to hear submissions re the Heatherton Dingley Non-Urban Area/ KLSP and southern sections of the Green Wedge.

Mordialloc Creek / Port Phillip Regional Catchment Strategy

C.King, MBCL representative on the RCS attends monthly meetings of this group. The report details the many problems in the Dandenong Catchment such as increased sediment loads in Mordialloc Creek from road construction and development sites.. The Report stresses the need for integrated catchment management and a return to one body responsible for the waterways and drainage management. (possibly a return to the DVA????)

Marine & Coastal Final Draft Recommendation

MBCL have lodged a submission with the Land Conservation Council re the proposal to establish a mariculture industry on the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay. A further submission may be required as the Minister for Conservation, Marie Tehan and Pat McNamara are investigating the possibility of introducing the Pacific Oyster into Victorian Coastal waters as part of the proposed aquaculture industry drive.

The Agnew Report

Glen presented reports from the World Health Organisation into Climate Change & Human Health. Eltham College are donating funds to assist in the replacement of gear stolen recently. An application for a grant to continue monitoring reef sedimentation with underwater photography has been lodged.

Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition Wetland Seminar

Tentative date for the Seminar is October 26. It is planned to involve schools in the one day seminar which may be held at the Moorabbin Arts Centre.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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