Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd February 2022

Guest Speaker – Brad Lewis

Brad explained his role as Team Leader of the two branches of Foreshore and Bushland.
Main points –

  • Coastal & Marine Management Plan was endorsed by Council in December. Council has an advocacy role regarding water area (eg water catchment, boating, jet skis).
  • Peter Scullin Reserve. Check out January 31st Council Meeting Minutes. It features in the Enbloc resolutions.
  • Proposed wetlands that were to be created are under review.
  • Eel Race Rd – Habitat hectare survey held every 10 years is underway soon. Remnant vegetation has been found.
  • Dent’s Paddock – Work will commence, once permit has been granted.
  • Aspendale Life Saving Club has been demolished and will be rebuilt before next Summer.
  • Mentone Life Saving Club. Plan to plant 3 plants to every 1 lost.
  • Friends Groups are restarting.

We thanked Brad for his attendance and invited him back on a quarterly basis. He has offered to send us a monthly report.

Peter Scullin Reserve

Plans have been passed. Susannah Kenny Council Officer informed Judy that a Electronic Vehicle charging station is planned for Peter Scullin Reserve Carpark. Concerned about solar panel recycling and Raid Antigen Test packaging waste.

Mentone Live Saving Club

Disappointed in the removal of the cliff face and the cost of the redevelopment.

Pompei site

Council meeting January 31st, member was only able to email her statement for the objectors (trouble with Zoom/streaming). But Rosemary was able to read it for her. There is no hope of returning to VCAT. Amendments were made regarding an acknowledgment to the Pompei building, the Seeker and a Traffic management Plan.  The Minutes of the meeting make for an interesting read.

Green Wedge

Suburban Rail Loop. Plans can be accessed on Engage Victoria. Concern over the loss of open space at the William Fry Reserve.
Suburban Rail Loop EES Panel begin on the 28th February for the Heatherton Stabling yard. The Panel hearing is expected to go for 10 weeks.
The Move The Train Yard are raising funds on GoFundMe

Governor Rd Upgrade

Keep a watch out on Engage Victoria website.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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