Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 13th July 2022


Grange Newsletter.
Brad Lewis Report (Adrian Hyland).
Port Phillip Conservation Council.

Green Wedge

Green Wedge Coalition met with Greens. Waiting for Planning for Melbourne’s Green Wedge and Agricultural land to be released. It is 12 months overdue.

Pompei Development site

Hearing on July 19th. To determine what the developers will need to do to retain some heritage of the site.

Peter Scullin & Hazel Pierce Reserves

The Rainbow Sculpture has had mixed responses from the community.

Bradshaw Bushland Reserve/ Dents Reserve

It has been suggested that lighting be installed at Dents Reserve

Kingston Residents Association

Members are to be taken on a walking tour of Heights Park. The reserve is going to have a much needed upgrade.
Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday July 31st 2pm. Alan McClean Hall

Port Phillip Conservation Council

Ethane burn off. Jenny Warfe asks us to please support Save Westernport on this issue. ESSO have applied for a new gas (Ethane) fired power station at Island Point on Westernport

Environment and Open Spaces Strategic Advisory Committee

Meeting tonight August 13. Proxi offered for these meetings if needed.

Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition

Elizabeth Flann is moving. MBCL is the caretaker of her files.
Received a lovely email from her thanking us all. She hopes to join us all for our end of year get together

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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