Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th February 2019


Letter to Clifford Hayes, MP Member for South East Legislative Council, in response to the MP’s request to learn of important issues in his electorate. Money for Dent’s Reserve was one issue mentioned. The MP is a member of Sustainable Population Australia.

Regent’s Park

A meeting on site with a Council Office, a MBCL member and a qualified gardener discussed means of saving Banksia seedlings from the Jack Cuthbertson Memorial Garden before it is destroyed to make way for two netball courts. The seedlings would be propagated and distributed to the community. The Council is no longer spraying the site.

Rossdale Golf Course

Rossdale golf course is reported to be up for sale again for housing. This will mean more loss of open space. Golfers will have to ply on the Capital Golf course adjacent to the Moorabbin Airport. 2500 acres will come back to Council from the sale of the golf course.

Dents Reserve

Dents Reserve has not been the recipient of any of the Government’s funds for Small parks although representation has been made to the Mordialloc member, Tim Richardson.

Mordialloc Creek Committee

A meeting of this committee was held on Lambeth Island . This was attended by Melbourne Water, Kingston Council, DWELP, Parks Victoria, MBCL and Mordialloc Boating and Fishing Club members. Issues discussed were the removal of the derelect 5th Sea Scout’s building overlooking Mordialloc Creek, relocating the Scouts and dredging the creek. The Victorian Surveyor General’s rezoning of land around the creek, Attenborough Park and the Pompei site meant that the owners of 36 pieces of land had to be identified and rezoned. DWELP will become sole manager of the creek. The cost of dredging the creek and disposal of contaminated soil in the dredge spoil area of Port Phillip Bay and or to landfill is likely to be between two and a half and five million dollars. The 5 Sea Scouts could be re-located to the George Woods Reserve.

Pompei’s Heritage Listing

was heard at the National Heritage building, 2 Lonsdale Street, 27″ February. Excellent presentations by a National Trust representative and an academic engaged by Council who had inspected the site. Both argued that the whole creek area from the rail line to the mouth of creek should be listed as an heritage area because of its historical associations – Aborigine’s, early settlers, fishermen and boat builders. It was argued that small boat maintenance was still carried out by owners on the creek bank and that the big shed should be saved from demolition.

Beach Road Boulevarde

A pleasant surprise to read in the local paper that Council is keen to plant Banksias on both sides of Beach Road after the Bay Trail has been completed and call Beach Road a Boulevarde. Prior to the amalgamation of Councils in 1994 six Bayside Councils wanted then to christen Beach Road a’ boulevardi mainly to keep heavy commercial vehicles off Beach Road! Perhaps this venture will succeed.

Mordialloc Freeway Hearing

Mordialloc freeway hearing is underway at the Dingley Interational Hotel in Dingley Two good reports by Transport repoter Tamina Jacks re the proposed freeway have appeared in the Age. The first one exposed the fact that if built the freeway will channel 80.000 more vehicles onto local Mordialloc Roads eg Governor Road. The second article stressed the danger to Edithvale Seaford wetlands from contaminated water after the acid sulfate and groundwater is disturbed when piles are driven into the tip.

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron

It has been officially announced that the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron members have voted against a marina being built in Beaumaris Bay. However the Andrews Government have given the yacht club a 20 year lease to remain on the site. It was hoped that a room/s could be made available for the people involved in finding fossils in and around the site site.”

New Ward Committees

Kingston Councill has introduced new Ward councils and invited residents to apply to be members of the Ward Committees. The invitation to select 21 residents for each of the three Ward Committee states :- “From this roughly equal numbers of men and women representing all suburbs and age groups from 18 to 65+ have been appointed to each committee,”

Fifty Years and Going Strong

One of our canny members discovered this fact recently and is already considering suitable celebrations!! What does everyone think?

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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