Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd July 2019

Review of Ward Boundaries

Discussion re possible changes to ward boundaries as a result of the State Government’s proposal for changes for no ward boundaries at all, but with for example, for Kingston as of now, nine councillors. However council’s are not keen on this idea and neither are many residents. Apparently Bayside have just finished their review and they have continued with 3 wards with 3,2,3 councillors in the 3 Wards.

Mordialloc 5th Sea Scouts Rehousing

A suggestion at the Mordialloc Creek Community meeting that the Sea Scouts want to have the scout hall on the George Woods Reserve extended so that both 4* and 5 scouts could use this building. However that will mean yet another building occupying limited open space at that site. The alternative is for the Sea Scouts to relocate to the Mordialloc Sailing Club building at Aspendale. The yacht club member spoken to seemed to think that this would be a good idea. Chelsea Yacht Club shares its building on the foreshore with other boating activities.

National Tree Planting Day Sunday 28″ July

The NRA team were delighted with the number of residents and Scouts who turned out to help plant 1800 plants on this lovely sunny Sunday on Mordialloc Creek bank. It is great to note how well trees lining the banks of the creek have grown over the years. Water birds noted were ducks. cormorants. water hens and a Nankeen night heron. Unfortunately also noted were long strips of plastic in the reeds on the creek bank.

Heritage Listing Pompei Site

No response from Kingston Council re local Heritage listing for part of the Pompei site, or for Mordialloc Creek boating area around the Island and Doyle’s hotel -all part of the early settlement around Port Phillip Bay.

Mordialloc Creek

It is unfortunate that while the greening of Mordialloc Creek banks and environs is successful water quality continues to cause concern. Perhaps not surprising when so much expanding industry occupies territory through which six major drains flow to provide the creek’s water supply. An oily slick could be seen on the water recently as well as plastic in the reeds lining the bank

Port Phillip Bay Coastal Review

Port Phillip Conservation Council and MBCL members attended a two day conference at Crown Casino Conference Centre. This was a Port Phillip Bay Coastal Review of policies concerning the use of Crown foreshore land . Previous policies, for example, were not in favour of commercial activities on the foreshore. However now it seems common for large lifesaving club buildings springing up on the foreshore to have a restaurant as part of the deal.

Climate Change

There have been photographs in local papers recently showing damage to the famous Brighton Bay bathing boxes badly damaged in a recent storm. Articles dealing with climate change warm that this side of Port Phillip Bay is the most vulnerable to severe storm surges. These warnings were issued in early 1990s after flooding in Mordialloc, Edithvale and surrounds. This raises the question about the wisdom of LSC’s on the beach, on this most vulnerable side of PP Bay, being renovated or rebuilt.

Level Crossing Removal Mentone

Works are causing angst for shop keepers because car parking is not available nearby. The entrance to the station will be further south from its present location meaning it may not be as accessible for shoppers in future. Also causing digress is the fact that to provide temporary parking while work is in progress. 30 lovely flowering gums lining the rail line between Mentone and Parkdale stations have been cut down. There is a petition with a 1000 signatures, organised by customers and shopkeepers, displeased about the current.

New CEO for Kingston

Ms Julie Reid has been chosen as Kingston’s CEO to replace John Nevins who has retired. Ms Reid has had 30 years experience in public service in Australia and the UK and has expertise in major infrastructure projects, strategic planning, urban design, economic management, tourism and the arts. And, of course the first women CEO for Kingston!

Dent’s Paddock

Clifford Hayes, MP in Upper House in Victoria’s State Parliament, plans to raise the possibility of Parliament buying the land as part of the Government’s small parks policy. Since so many trees in Kingston are being cut down to provide netball courts, increasing sporting tracks as at Dolomore oval, Mentone or carparking (previously mentioned) Tarella Road natural bush area would be great way to compensate for loss of tree cover.

Canterbury Road

Plans are underway to widen Governor Road and provide bridges and road works in Canterbury Road in anticipation of an increase in heavy traffic in the area. Not surprising when the work around the Moorabbin airport suggests more buildings. Also surprising to see the amount of industrialisation around Heatherton Road and the tipping areas. It is a relief to find the Grange providing a welcome alternative to traffic and development.

Two Big Events in September

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League’s Annual General Meeting 4th September and the 50th Anniversary 21st September.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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