Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th September 2019

MBCL 50th Anniversary

MBCL 50th anniversary was attended by 30 former and current members. It was great to see some of the original members who had established MBCL in 1969 and later Port Phillip Conservation Council with a view to protecting the foreshore around Port Phillip Bay and the creeks that flow into it. When some of the original meeting reports were checked for display it was found that in a 1972 report the EPA was concerned about pollution in Mordialloc Creek and debated whether the creek banks should be concrete lined. When the Dandenong Valley Authority decided to do just that MBCL president, Dr Len Warren and secretary,Mara Hayler where able to convince Mordialloc Council to oppose that option. The Metropolitan Board of Works then stepped in, retained the earthern banks, phragmitie reeds to clean the water and the indigenous Maleluccas on the creek banks banks. This area has become a popular bird habitat.

Mordialloc Creek

While it was interesting to re-read the 1972 Environment Protection Authority (EPA) report on the creek it is concerning that there is still pollution problems with drains flowing into the creek. For instance PFAS has been found in Dunlop Drain. This drain flows close to the Moorabbin airport which would have this highly polluting substance stored on hand since it is used for fighting fires. Expanding industrial businesses at Braeside have been found responsible for, and fined, for depositing plastic in either Heatherton or Settlement Drain which flows into the creek.

Dent’s Paddock

This is the last remaining block of remnant coastal vegetation in Chelsea . The proposal to develop will cause the removal of most of the vegetation and thus destroy the ecological value of the site. This lovely green space will be lost when only 23 trees out of 203 existing trees will be retained if the development proceeds. Development is causing the loss of trees and gardens throughout Kingston. It is claimed that all metropolitan suburbs should have at least 30% tree coverage to ameliorate climate crisis however the City of Kingston has only 14% coverage and continues to lose more trees through level crossing removals…30 lovely red flowering gums along the rail line between Mentone and Parkdale stations were removed to provide car parking spaces.

City of Kingston’s Tree Management Policy

To protect, enhance and maintain a safe urban forest ~ to assess the dollar value of existing trees and ensure that the value increases ~ to meet the challenge of the climate crisis by increasing canopy cover and density through selection and use of trees to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce air pollution

Chain of Parks – Trail Design

At the recent PEAC meeting the long awaited Chain of Parks was discussed with maps and diagrams available. The Sandbelt Chain of Parks walking trails proposed that the trail will begin at Karkarook Park at South Road in the Green Wedge and wend its way through filled tipping sites, market gardens and sporting fields to Governor Road – possibly further at a later date.

Mordialloc Bay Trail

The final Mordialloc section of the back-of-kerb Bay Trail from Mentone Lifesaving premises to Mordialloc Creek will begin in the next month. Work will halt over the Christmas/New Year period. Consideration of traffic on Beach Road means that work may not begin until peak hour is over. Car parks will still be available depending on which sections work is underway.

Mordialloc Freeway

Regrettably the Victorian State Government Planning , Minister, Richard Wynne and the EPBC, ignoring the threat to bird life, have approved the construction of the unnecessary six lanes, divided, elevated freeway travelling 24/7 over the once peaceful bird habitat – the Award winning Waterways Wetlands.

Holiday Break

It was felt that after the 50th celebration we would give every-one a break! As stated some had holidays planned with family members. So November 6 for next meeting and then a Christmas luncheon in December – and that’s frightenly close!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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