Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th November 2019

PFAS in Dunlops Drain

PFAS in Dunlops Drain which flows into Mordialloc Creek. Letter has been sent to the EPA. EPA first contacted August 28. No response for eight weeks so a letter sent- still no response. The matter raised again at the Mordialloc Creek Community Meeting December 2011. Reports on the large amount of plastic entering the creek via local drains in the industrial area.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are under threat from developers seeking to extend housing development into the Green Wedge. Residents are concerned about Kingswood although still used as a golf course, severe pruning of grass is causing concern as a walk with Jeff Yugovich and residents indicated.

LXRA Tree Planting

Crossing removals on the Frankston Line has resulted in removal of all the indigenous vegetation around the line and stations as work is carried out. It was alarming to find in the Council Agenda a report on LXRA work, an artist’s impression of a completed station surrounded by palm trees which are not indigenous to the Bayside suburbs. A letter has been sent to Head of LXRA, Kevin Devlin and Sonya Kilkenny, local ALP member requesting that any future planting around stations be indigenous trees only. No response from either party’s corresponded with.

Bay Trail Mentone to Mordialloc Creek

Also seen in the Council Agenda a suggestion from LXRA that they could complete the next section of Mordialloc Bay Trail, Mordialloc to Patterson River, by locating the Trail along side the rail line on Station Street, Aspendale. Station Street is a busy two lane road with a narrow strip of indigenous vegetation alongside the rail line. A shared bike path alongside the rail line would mean the removal of all remaining Banksias in this position with no room for replacement vegetation. The original route for the Round the Bay Trail from Mordialloc Creek was along the existing shared bike path to Patterson River – the Long Beach Trail passed the Seaford Edithvale wetlands-a much more pleasant recreational ride.

Alex Fraser Concrete Crusher Extension

Alex Fraser Concrete Crusher Extension for a further 15 years. Council is opposed to this extension since the The operation is an industrial use in a Green Wedge which is not permitted and should not have been approved in the first place.

Seasons Greetings

Well Fellow Greenies, we may be in for a busy time over Christmas! However let’s hope you will find some time to relax primed for whatever drama faces us in 2020. Sincere Christmas Greetings!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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