Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th August 2019

Mordialloc Freeway

A tour of the route of the proposed freeway was organised for the Member of the Victorian State Government Upper House. Clifford Hayas his personal adviser.Kelvin Thompson and two members of the anti Freeway Committee in August. Susan Ley, Federal Environment Minister, will present the decision of the EPBC when it is available. This will be the deciding factor for the approval of the freeway.

Tree Removals

Tragically 30 red flowering gums along side the rail line between Mentone and Parkdale stations have been removed and replaced with concrete. This is to provide parking for vehicles that can no longer be accommodated at the Mentone car park due to work on the removal of the rail crossing.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is badly needed in Mordialloc. Evidence of people sleeping on the bank of the creek near the pedestrian bridge was noted earlier this month. People were moved on but piles of plastic and other bits and pieces were left for Council to remove.

National Tree Planting Day

Three planting on National Tree Planting Day was successfully carried out by the NRA team and over a 100 volunteers at the George Woods Reserve. 1800 plants were installed near the pedestrian bridge and the boat ramp. It is pleasing to note how well trees are now growing along the Heatherton Drain outlet and further along the creek. A Nankeen Night Heron was noted perched on a tall tree with Cormorants nearby

Fifth Sea Scouts

Relocation of the Sea Scouts to the Mordialloc Sailing Club was discussed briefly by the Mordialloc Creek Committee Members at their meeting this month. The Council officer present said it would be discussed with Scout group’s members. Sailing clubs welcome people who are involved with water related activities such as sailing or kayaking and this means that Council’s don’t have the expense of constructing further buildings and maintaining them.

Waste and debris in Mordialloc Creek

Waste and debris in Mordialloc Creek has finally caused sufficient concern amongst boat owners and residents that there was an officer recommendation in Kingston Council, 26″ August:

  1. That Council write to the local member. Tim Richardson. to seek clarification of the State Government’s role and responsibilities related to the management and reduction of pollutants within State controlled creeks and waterways.
  2. To liaise with government departments for the implementation of measures that will reduce the volume of pollutants such as litter and silt flowing into Mordialloc Creek.
  3. Write to Melbourne Water to seek their commitment and time frame to construct a wetland along Mordialloc Creek on the east side of Boundary Road.
  4. Investigate the benefits of establishing a central system where the community could report pollution along Mordialloc creek so that this information could be collected, collated and sent to the responsible authority to take appropriate action.

Resident Action

Residents have been concerned about creek pollution for some time and have been collecting rubbish along the creek banks. As the Government’s EES disclosed at the VCAT Hearing into the Mordialloc Freeway PFAS was found in Dunlop’s Drain, one of the major drains on which the creek depends for its water supply. As a result of the latest findings MBCL secretar decided to talk to the EPA to ask if a notice should be placed at the creek mouth where people fish warning them that eating fish caught in the creek may be unwise. As yet no response from EPA.

Further Resident Action

MBCL Webmaster has been actively collecting rubbish from the creek bank and has compiled a paper detailing his thoughts about this matter. The paper was handed to the MCCM chairman when the webmaster attended the MCM Meeting August 9.

Dredging the Creek

Dredging the creek was again discussed but the people dealing with this matter at the MCCM meeting, claim that they still don’t have sufficient funds to commence dredging up to the rail line. The Chairman and some boat owners present stated that it would be “a be good idea to tidy up the creek” by dredging the creek up to Wells Road bridge. Others present said that what was considered “scrub” was in fact important indigenous vegetation !

Bay Trail Renninson Street to Peter Scullin Reserve

Obviously some vegetation will be removed when work commences in this final section of the Bay Trail. The existing 1984 concrete shared bike podestrian path beginning at Rennison Street will be widened by moving into the mainly grassed foreshore. Sadly some of the planted Casuarinas on the former tennis court site will have to be removed even though the path is wider in this section. However there is a second row of trees behind the first that may well be saved according to a reassuring discussion with the Council officer responsible for this work.

Storm Damaged Foreshores

Mount Martha foreshore has had another battering after the recent storms. Part of the narrow coastal road is in danger as cliffs on the seaward side are eroding. Work is under way to stop the cliffs falling into the sea. Most people saw the Frankston pier floating away ending up in front of a Long Island resident’s home with the pier safety light flashing into her kitchen! Bathing boxes can’t be saved at Mornington their Council claims. The Brighton bathing boxes have also been battered and will be costly to maintain. Despite this the proposal to construct a two storey building to accommodate the Brighton Lifesaving Club, a multi purpose space , café and public terrace, removal of native vegetation and redevelopment of the car park, bicycle facilities and pathways continues . This application is going to VCAT for a ten days Hearing.

Is Spring Approaching?

The freesias are in flower. Warmer weather may entice more of us out into sunshine also.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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