The Value of Trees

Richard Adey, ABC RN, 31-8-2017 and Dr. Gregory Moore, former Principal of Burnley Horticultural College @ Mordialloc Neighbourhood House, 9-1-2018, both spoke on the same topic though on different dates and locations.

Property investors admit that a good-tree-lined street is where prices can increase up to 30%. In some cases a 10% increase in trees planted results in an increase in profits of $50,000. There would also be a decrease in energy use, and therefore a cost reduction in use of air conditioners because of the shade that trees provide for the house and surrounds.

In shady streets and roads there is a 2-4 degree heat reduction, and in some places as much as 10 degrees reduction in heat. Therefore owners of cars parked alongside a back-of-kerb bike track lined with trees would appreciate the fact that trees have not been removed. And, of course, the cyclists and pedestrians using the shared bike/walking track would also be relieved that there is a canopy of mature trees shielding them as climate change temperatures increase.

In 2006, when a survey was undertaken in Mentone by this environmental group, and also by the local member, Janice Munt, we discovered that residents were adamant that this section of foreshore vegetation, between the Mentone Life Saving Club and Mentone Parade, be retained as a sandy, informal walking track under the old tea-trees. Clearly local vegetation is valued for the benefits it provides both for residents and future generations.

Dr Moore Advises that each council should have a 30% tree cover and thus reap a $30 million benefit in terms of less heat stress for residents and therefore less medial expense in caring for them. In some newer Western suburbs, without tree cover, there has been an increase in resident deaths in recent years due to heat stress.

Mary Rimington
Secretary MBCL

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