Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 1997


Reports Received:

  • Regulations for Personal Water Craft (Jet Skis)
  • Kingston Environmental Report
  • Transport of Industrial Waste. Prescribed Waste Transport Regulations Soon to be released: Marine & Coastal Study (Areas to be nominated for marine parks and aquaculture in Port Phillip Bay.)
  • ARUP Transport Study.

Wetlands Hain’s Property

John Phillips, Group Property Manager, Portland House, reports a slight modification to their plan for residential development of rural land in the Green Wedge, the so called Hains property. Housing will occupy 38% of the site. This will permit a slight increase in the buffer zone. The complete wetland will cost $7 million to construct before the 600-800 residential estate goes ahead. 2 million cubic metres of earth will have to be moved to provide fill for the residential section of the site. The resultant hole will become a”lake”with a clay lined bottom to prevent the upwell of saline groundwater. Some experts claim that a clay lining will not prevent the intrusion of saline groundwater. Such questions need to be addressed before Council gives approval for this controversial development.

Mordialloc Creek

As part of the Hains wetland development Melbourne Water announced that as of Xmas 1997, there would be 2:1 split in water flow between Patterson River and Mordialloc Creek. Patterson River will receive 2/3 of the flow: Mordialloc Creek 1/3. MW claims that because Mordialloc Creek is a tidal estuary boating will not be affected! Consultants reports also raises questions about the effectiveness of the proposed wetland system in treating both high and low flow stormwater run-off. The report goes on public exhibition in February.

Activity Node Mordialloc Foreshore

The Victorian Coastal Strategy was released in december. Mordialloc is one of the Bayside sites clasified as an Activity Node. An Activity Node is designated to be the area where there will be a concentration of recreational, boating and commercial activities. Food outlets will be encouraged as will developments by private firms such as Mirvac! Kingston Council has engaged consultants to prepare a Foreshore Strategy for Mordialloc. This is another development to be watched lest we lose our limited public open space on the foreshore to commercial development.

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