Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd April 1997

Parks Reports

Bradshaw Park
During a severe storm in April six trees came down including three over the walking track. They had to be removed. Plants sold well on Kingston Festival Day at the Gerry Green oval. An Open Day was held on Saturday 19th April at Bradshaw Park. A fine day was laid on for this event. Further reports awaited!

Braeside Park
The recently appointed new manager of the Park will shortly be going on long service leave as will several other Park staff. City of Kingston sought plants from the Braeside Nursery to plant on a roundabout in Chelsea and in the sand quarry area near Henry Street, Clayton.

Karkarook Park
Information has not been supplied to the committee as to the progress and status of the negotiations between Melbourne Parks and the sand mining company as yet.

Signage on Drains on the Foreshore

There is some progress from Council on the placement of the signs warning swimmers of the danger of swimming near drain outlets on the beach after heavy rain, however not all drains will have signs since Council officers feel that some drains very small local catchment area. Melbourne Water appears to be very reluctant to place a sign on their monster drain at Mentone warning people not to swim near the outlet.

Mordialloc Creek

As part of MBCL’s six hours of consultation with SERCO a meeting has been arranged with a Natural Resources staff person to discuss management plans for the north bank of Mordialloc Creek upstream from Chute Street.

Dandenong Valley Catchment Action Committee

There are plans to alter the composition of the DVCAC Committee which is part of the Port Phillip Regional Catchment & Land Protection Board. It is important that either MBCL or KCEC has a community representative on the new committee. There will only be four community members for what will be a very large catchment region. There are also grave concerns about the reduced level of water monitoring of streams, especially Mordialloc creek, by Melbourne Water who claim to have insufficient funds to cover all monitoring points in the creek catchment.

Victorian Planning Provisions  / Municipal Strategic Statemen

The Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP) are a new set of rules prepared by the Dept. of Infrastructure to govern the production of planning schemes, based on a simplified set of zones. Each local government is required to produce a Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS). The MSS will control (or permit) development in our city for many years to come. The Town & Country Planning Association advise residents to inform their local councillors that they want to be involved in the development of council’s MSS.

HCV Traffic on Beach Road

Whilst guarantees are being given that the weekend and night curfew will remain in place regarding heavy commercial vehicles using Beach Road at these times, there are still fears that with Webb Dock, Docklands and City Link developments proceeding, HCV traffic will increase. Daily between 300-400 HCVs use Beach Road in the City of Kingston and then travel through residential streets to reach Governor Road which is to be widened to four lanes in future. The extension from South Road, Moorabbin to Boundary Road may alleviate some of traffic problems for residents in the City of Kingston.

Welcome to New Members:- The Crain Family and Johanna van Klaveren! Our meetings are open to all.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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