Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th March 2007

Forthcoming Events

State of the Dandenong Catchment Friday 20 April at Hemisphere Conference Centre 488 South Road. Moorabbin. Commences 9.00am. RSVP 12 April. North Aspendale Erosion Control Works Information Evening 3rd April Council’s Cheltenham Office Commences 5.30pm. Contact Rebecca Cohen for Further information Phone 9581 4388.

Dredging the Shipping Channels in Port Phillip Bay

It’s on again, folks! Dredging the Shipping Channels in Port Phillip Bay and dumping contaminated dredge spoil from the Yarra River in the extended dredged material grounds (DMG) off Mordialloc! You can find out more about the impact on the Bay from the complete set of volumes of the EES report in the Council’s offices Brindisi Street, Mentone. The reason for dumping highly toxic dredge spoil material from the Yarra in the Bay is because “it will be too expensive to treat it on land!”

Port of Hastings Land Use

While dredging the shipping channels in Port Phillip Bay is back on the agenda a scheme to resurrect the development of Hastings as a major transport/ shipping hub is also being actively canvassed. According to the summary document it is envisaged that there will be 3,410 truck movements per day when the port is working and 44 train movements per day On the Frankston Line. There is discussion of a third Frankston rail line to cater for this traffic In the meantime it would be advisable not purchase a home anywhere near the Frankston rail line!

Kingston Planning Scheme Amendment C52 Mordialloc Activity Centre

The Panel report has been released and received a favourable response from Council who felt that most of their concerns and wish list had been addressed, There maybe problems however where the Panel felt there could be more flexible height limits in some parts of the study area. The Report now goes to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Mordialloc Creek Bridge

Mordialloc Creek Bridge widening project has gone out to tender. VicRoads has agreed to hold community consultations before work commences, although concept plans have been decided on after much debate between Council and VicRoads. Understandably the project will cause considerable traffic disruption when work commences because the will be reduced to two lanes.

Parks Reports

The developer of Chicquita Park sent in the bulldozers to destroy trees and the topsoil seed beds which would have provided seeds to restore some semblance of parkland when development is completed. Council claimed to be unaware of this activity. The developer had not provided drainage or vegetation management plans to council. The Grange is very dry with few birds. The blue tongue lizards have ticks which apparently have to be removed by hand. Any volunteers? There appears to be resistance from some Council officers to the name Yammerbook¬†for Drill’s land. This was Jimmy Dunbar’s Aboriginal name. Appropriate surely.

Environment Defenders Office Workshop

March 3rd focused on a guide to Victoria’s Native Vegetation Law. The workshop was well attended by 15 people, some from Frankston Friends Group who hoped to invite the EDO to present a similar workshop in the Frankston region. A folder of valuable information was provided as part of the program. The impression given was that the State Government has bowed to pressure from both the rural lobby and development interests to weaken the framework. from operational guidelines to practice notes. Frankston Friends suggested forming a Bayside conservation group to address lack of support from DSE local councils fail to protect native vegetation.

Peter Scullin Reserve

Peter Scullin Reserve is looking rather sad after 60,000 people tramped over the grassed area during the annual wine and food extravaganza. Recent rain may help plants to revive and grass to recover.

Dredging of Mordialloc Creek

Dredging of Mordialloc Creek is underway with dredge spoil pumped onto Aspendale North beach. EPA has apparently given approval although in previous periods of dredging the spoil was considered to be too contaminated to be used to renourish beaches.

Kingston Round the Bay Trail

Port Phillip Conservation Council, Beaumaris Conservation Society, Kingston Conservation & Environment Coalition and MBCL met with Murray Thompson, Liberal MP, to discuss the proposed Round the Bay Trail since part of the Trail, up to Warrigal Road, is in this MP’s electorate.Following a forty minutes hearing Mr Thompson rang Nina and Brian to request a copy of the initial survey figures conducted by KCEC in which there was 70-80% support for the retention of the soft surface tracks through tea tree on the cliff tops and support for the bike path to be constructed on the verge of Beach Road similar in design to the bike track in the City of Bayside. It is proposed to meet with the Green MP currently a member of Parliament.

Victorian Electoral Review

Pros and cons were discussed at some length. There appears to be some drawbacks with both a three councillor/three ward system and a nine councillor/nine ward system but the Government appears to favour the three ward/three councillor system so that is probably what the City of Kingston will end up with. The Greens and PPCC made impressive submissions. Nina and Brian attended the information night and found it helpful in understanding the complex Proportional Representation voting system which will be introduced with the three ward /three councillor option.

Review of the Coast and Creek Booklet

Discussion about a review of the MBCL information booklet. Copies of the booklet will be available for anyone who would like to be involved in the review. It is hoped that some kind soul might also like to reactivate MBCL’s languishing web site!


Information will be available at MBCL meeting for anyone wishing to prepare a submission opposing dredging Port Phillip Bay and especially POMC s intention to deposit toxic sludge in the Bay opposite Mordialloc and other Bayside beaches.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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