Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th April 2007

Forthcoming Events

A coalition of concerned residents have organized a meeting at Northbrook House, High Street, Malvern, Sunday 6th May. 2.30pm to hear Guest Speaker, – Professor Kevin O’Connor of Melbourne University delivering a lecture on “An Alternative Approach to Melbourne Planning”
Can Melbourne Be Saved? Getting off the carousel of growth madness! Hear Mark O’Connor, Saturday, May 26th, at North Melbourne Library, 66 Errol Street, North Melbourne. 3051. SPA AGM.

Living Links

The Living Links project sponsored by Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority was well attended by MBCL members 20th April. Initial reports were that the seminar was well worth attending. A full report is anticipated at Wednesday’s meeting. The prospect of bike path linkages along Mordialloc Creek and Patterson River to Dandenong Creek is an exciting prospect as part of the aim of linking the ranges to the Bay..

Review of Coast and Creek Booklet and Brochure

Any ideas?? Bring them along and let’s hear them!

Friends of Mordialloc Creek

Friends of Mordialloc Creek held a working bee 14th April while Yammerbook Nature Reserve Friends Group and Aspendale Gardens Primary School took part in Waterwatch training in March. Virginia from DSE checked with EPA and advised that while the black anaerobic dredge spoil from Mordialloc Creek looks and smells unpleasant the environmental impacts are minimal.

Dredging the Shipping Channels

Concern that POMC’s witnesses will not be allowed to be questioned at the forthcoming Panel Hearing in June. It was through vigorous questioning from objectors to the EES 2004 that the fatal flaws in the consultant’s reports were revealed thereby creating the need for the SEES. It was moved SC-S, seconded B.P that $100 be donated to the Blue Wedge campaign.

DSE Noxious Weed Review

Nina contacted PPWCMA re weeds around Mordialloc Creek and found that the Review doesn’t cover urban weeds. DSE is more concerned with the cost of removing invasive weeds in the rural sector. However a brief sub. was sent referring to invasive weeds on the foreshore – before being aware that the review applied only to rural areas.

Mordialloc Creek Bridge Widening

Two meetings with VicRoads staff, one at Mordialloc Village Committee and the other with KCEC. Members learned a little more about the magnitude of the task and the disruption likely to be caused in Nepean Highway south of the creek and through Mordialloc shopping centre for eighteen months to two years. There will be loss of part of Attenborough Park and the boat ramp on the east side of the creek. A shared bike/pedestrian path will be constructed also on the east side of the bridge with a pedestrian path only on the beach side of the bridge.

Kingston Round the Bay Trail

A round of applause for Janice Munt MP, who has successfully persuaded VicRoads to allow the existing gravel verge to be used as a “clear zone” along Beach Road if a shared pedestrian bike path was built near the kerb!!! This is what we have been hoping for as an alternative to destroying the soft walking track on the cliff tops under the trees. Lets hope Kingston council accepts this remarkable offer.

North Aspendale Erosion Control Work

Penny, Nina and Stephen attended a meeting where DSE explained that their preferred option to prevent further erosion of the Aspendale beach was a sloping rock wall rather than the geotextile sandbags which have a limited life expectancy of 25 years. However the meeting clearly indicated their preference for the sandbags which are less obtrusive and blend into sand dunes. The rock wall would make access to the beach difficult with people having to walk some distance to the nearest access point. The cost of a sandbag revetment system of 2250 ms $262,520 and for the rock wall 2250 ms $246,750. Chickens coming home to roost with residential development on the vulnerable foreshore escalating since amalgamation of councils?

Parkdale Plaza

No resolution of problems of meat waste from the butcher in the plaza putting waste out in an uncovered bin at the rear of the shop which backs onto Melrose street resulting in swarms of flies and smells. Council claims they can’t fine the offenders. Whose responsibility is it then? Local or State Government?

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Council is hopeful of a favourable response from the Planning Minister regarding permanent height controls in Mordialloc activity centre however there is a proposal for an integrated plan for development from Moorabbin to Mordialloc along the Highway. Concern that this may affect a decision on mandatory height limits in Mordialloc.

Chicquita Park

Omni developer is ignoring vegetation management plans and destroying trees in preparation of a display home on the park. At Cr West’s request council issued fines which the developer paid and continued with the destruction.

Green Wedge Issues

Concern that VCAT often disregards the State Government’s green wedge protection planning provisions and frequently overturns valid Council decisions. It is hoped that the Government will hold the line on proposed development on the former Ansett land at Mt Eliza which is in the Mornington green wedge.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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