Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th November 2008

Here we are at Year’s End

Where have all those months gone? As ever members have been fully occupied in their areas of interest. Bicycle path, Yammerbook,

Channel deepening, de- sal plant, Mordialloc Creek , Waterwatch., Concrete crushing in the green wedge, Council elections and so it goes on. Let’s hope that once the festive season is over there is time to relax – and prepare for, unfortunately, what looks like being an even more hectic 2009!

Forthcoming Events

NRA Xmas barbecue 7th December 1-3pm. Bonbeach Community Nursery.

Brunch for Pease Saturday 13 December from 12 midday onwards at the Peter Scullin Reserve Guest Speaker Fiona McCormack . Please come and bring your friends to share food with others . $5 Donation. Environment group in attendance.

Why not come to a relaxing and contemplative December MBCL meeting before plunging into Xmas partying?

Mordialloc Creek Bridge Work 

Bridge work is nearing completion. The bridge will be open to four lanes of traffic from Monday December 2008. Remaining construction work may require some temporary off-peak lane closures.

Kingston Parks Team Leader

Tony Collins presented a comprehensive report on the work of the Parks team especially how climate change is affecting management of sports grounds and the demand for water.South East Water governs use of water for sports grounds so Council is examining alternatives to bore water – possibly use of recycled water from Carrum Treatment Plant. Two 45,000 litre tanks containing water from Carrum are being used to water street trees in Aspendale and Mordialloc.

There are 60 different capital works projects underway at present with an increased professional approach under the supervision of the Parks Project Coordinator. Living Links is working on maintenance of a stand of Red Gums on the south bank of Mordialloc Main Drain upstream of Bowen Road. There has been a slight increase in staffing with the NRA team now settled and working on an audit program. Moorabbin Public Golf Course which is part of Kingston’s Green Wedge has had its tenure extended by six months. Minister Madden is said not to be in favour of factories or supermarkets being built in the Green Wedge – however it seems he has given approval for a concrete crusher to be established in the northern non-urban area of the GreenWedge!

Friends of Linton Street Park , Moorabbin will work with Council’s Parks Team . Ten green groups are at present working with the NRA team and the work experience student scheme is still operating. Encouraging to hear of such a vibrant report. Thanks, Tony!

And good to know that the CEO is supporting these initiatives.

Noel Pullen

A former Upper House member in the Victorian parliament is a candidate in the Council elections gave a brief run-down of his policies. He promises to protect public open space , to ensure public consultation when dealing with proposals for inappropriate development and preserve local beaches.

Mordialloc Creek Wetlands

Wetlands between Waterways and Wells Road Bridge. Melbourne Water aims to make the creek wider and create a large new wetland with native plants. This will improve flood management and improve water quality in the creek. However acid sulfate soil from Burnley tunnel was illegally dumped at Canterbury Road in the industrial estate. This will need to be checked before being built on. The walking path on the south bank of the Main Drain will not be effected and it is hoped that when the wetlands work is completed that a bicycle path along the levee bank will provide off-road access to Braeside Park through waterways residential housing estate. Nina and Johanna attended the meeting 27th November and can give a full report of the meeting.

Review of the EPBC Act

We are deeply indebted to Wal for volunteering to undertake the demanding task of preparing a submission from MBCL to the Review.

The EPBC ACT has been in existence for ten years and is in need of review having been criticized a number of times for the vagueness of terminology and narrow focus when

examining matters referred to the Minister an example being deepening the shipping channels in Port Phillp Bay. The legal team at the Federal Court Hearing were critical of the ACTafter they spent a day debating whether dredging the shipping channels was a “controlled” action or not!

Official Protection Required

For species endangered by the north south pipeline and dredging works in Port Phillip Bay. The pipeline threatens pomaderris plants Only 140 to 340 adult plants remain. Also endangered are the sensitive coral and sponge species that live in the underwater canyons at the entrance to the Bay now at risk from loose rocks after dredging –part of Blue Wedges submission to the SEES hearing!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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