Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th May 2021


Response Letter from Minister R. Wynne’s office regarding the protection of Green Wedge.

Pompei Site.

The developers damaged a Council-managed open drain in an easement at the rear of this site, after notification by a resident a Council engineer is to inspect the drain.
A meeting with Councilor Tim Cochrane is being organized to discuss the future of the site.
Need stakeholder input and support. G.Vines from KCC excellent heritage report on the site should be bought to the attention of T. Cochrane.
DELWP are now landlords of Pompei’s Landing, excluding the former boat shed site.
Plan to contact Mr Pel regarding the blind corner as bikes emerge from under Pompei’s bridge.

Kington City Council Coastal Management Plan.

Refer Council Meeting Minutes 26.4.21 Agenda item 2 regarding toilet facility

Parkdale Yacht Club.

Suggested a letter be sent to DELWP questioning why the plans were passed and voicing our disapproval.

Kington City Council Green Wedge Management Plan

Submissions due Thursday 6th May. Late submissions will be accepted

Mordialloc Freeway

Wildlife underpasses are included in the plans

Guest Speaker – River Keeper talk.

Anthony is the Litter Project officer. The River Keeper Association is a non for profit organization funded from Government grants. He spoke of the groups activities and the difficulties coordinating with a variety of other organizations. He is presently concentrating on polystyrene and the problems it creates once it gets into the waterways. Discussed using alternatives to polystyrene. Will forward his presentation when received. More information can be found at Yarra Riverkeeper Association

Delegates Reports

PPCC. Inland rail is on it’s way! 2028! Budget?

Mordialloc Creek Community
Reports kept to a minimum due to Guest Speaker

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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