Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd February 2021

Bike Trail

There was concern about the choke point as bike riders emerge from under Nepean Hwy to Pompeii’s landing. Contacted Tony Collins who has maps of area showing the Authority responsible for various areas.

Pompeii Site

VCAT member ruled against developers as there was a lack of amenity such as windows not opening and that noise and vibration issues that needed to be addressed. Amended plans are to be submitted early February.

The Sporting Globe

Objections were sent to Council regarding the application to extend opening hours from 10pm to midnight. Also concerns about large crowds on pavement behaving badly. Purpose of parklets taking up parking places?

Friends of Mordialloc Catchment

No recent action due to COVID. Fielded enquiry from Aspendale Gardens resident regarding screening of factories in Braeside. Discussion with the Mordialloc Sailing Club regarding a Greening Project.

Green Wedge

Victorian Government are planning an open-air train stabling yard on the Delta site Kingston Rd Heatherton for the Suburban Rail Loop. The site will be the centre for the rail loop project construction. For 25 years Kingston Council has promised the residents that this land would be a parkland as part of the Chain of Parks. Greg Ewing spoke at the January KRA meeting. Look up ‘Engage Victoria’ for more information. The residents are campaigning under ‘Move The Train Yard‘.

Peter Scullin Park Plan and Playspace Renewal

Concept plans should be available for consultation mid 2021.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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