Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th June 2002

Congratulations to Tony Collins and team who have been employed by Kingston Council to maintain our Natural Bush Areas. Welcome Back to MBCL president, Brian, who visited his family in Vienna. Hullo to former MBCL president, Dr Len Warren, who called to catch up with Mara and Mary. Len lives in Perth and works for the CSIRO.

Submissions have been sent to the Environment Assessment Review and the EPA Road Traffic Noise Strategy.

Workshops attended:- Economics for the People, the second reclaiming Australia Conference at Trades Hall. The focus was on the General Agreement on Trade & Services which could see the Howard Government agreeing to privatisation of our service
industries. such as postal, water, telecommunications, with protection for the environment reduced.

Mordialloc Structure Plan

It was felt that there should be a public meeting prior to the Council agreeing to the consultants report. A request has been made to the Mayor for a public meeting to allow the community to express their concerns over the proposal to permit four storey developments in the study areas as well as other important issues. Thanks to the Rowan Woodlands committee for their submission to the Mordialloc Structure plan.

Foreshore Landscape Guidelines

Guidelines have been strengthened in the second Draft policy document. The funding of a coordinator to oversee the management of the guidelines was queried given the heavy debt burden which the City of Kingston has.

Green Wedge Forum

A very successful Forum was held at RMIT involving delegates from all eleven Met. Green Wedges. Each delegate gave a thumbnail sketch of the issues and pressure for development in their Wedge. As a result of work by the Wedge Defenders efficient press officer, two excellent front page articles appeared in the Age 3rd and 4th June.

Mordialloc Creek

Sand dredged from the mouth of the creek may not be pumped onto Aspendale beach to renourish it because of contamination of the silt within the creek. Each time the creek is dredged the silt covers the reef and disperses heavy metals into the Bay.

The Parks

As a result of in house contracts for staff, Fran will continue to work at Bradshaw Park. Grass is cut too low on Edithvale Common reducing the habitat of the Snipe. Melbourne Water has placed restrictions on the use of the Common thus confusing the issue of possible sale. of the Common. Pitrones has a Public Use No3 Planning Overlay which will permit a development of a retirement village on the site. Retirement villages are in the news at present because of the exploitation of residents through increased costs. There have been calls for more Government controls to prevent this happening. The Defenders of Green Wedges attended a meeting to offer support for residents who are opposed to the retirement village. Trees are being planted at Braeside Park in an attempt to control a salinity problem. Port Phillip Conservation Council is drawing up a policy on Bathing Boxes. Geoffrey Goode was interviewed on State Line. This resulted in the resignation of a PPCC member!

The Agnew Report

Glen has offered to undertake research in the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary for PPCC Web site. Glen also reports that abalone poachers are operating in Beaumaris Bay. One was caught recently with 50 under sized abalones.

Mentone / Parkdale Lifesaving Clubs

Kingston Council is proceeding with proposals for ‘teahouses’ at both LSCs with 20 seats at Parkdale and six parking spots in Beach road, and a 60 seat ‘teahouse’ at Mentone with 40 parking spots used by visitors to the beach and LSC members. Hours of operation for Mentone will be 7am to 11pm. Long hours for ‘tearooms’! MBCL is naturally concerned at the pressure for more parking on the foreshore and the effect this may have on the proposed Round the Bay Bike Trail which should be sited on the verge of Beach Road.

Still more Sewage Sludge

Melbourne Water’s journal, Source, this month contains a lengthy article about possible uses for sewage sludge piling up at the Carrum Treatment Plant. The Woodlands project gets a mention. “A large scale project such as Woodlands will be sought every few years!” No wonder there were two QCs at the VCAT hearing to ward off MBCLs attempt to stymie the Woodlands scheme!

GATS. Please write to politicians stating your opposition to the privatisation of our services by transnational corporations.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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