Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd June 2004

Congratulations to Janelle

Three lucky breaks in June persuading Council to buy a Fowler Street property for a much needed park in Chelsea, a win at VCAT and a baby boy on the 30th of June! What a girl!

Mordialloc Creek Water Quality

Mordialloc Creek has degraded water quality due to the polluted low flow from Dandenong Creek and from major residential developments upstream. MBCL has asked that monitoring should commence at the entrance to Waterways wetlands and again before the flow re-enters the Mordialloc Main Drain. Theoretically there should be an improvement in water quality as a result of its passage through the designer wetlands. Nina reports a very successful working bee Saturday 5th June with Green Corps assisting with plantings on the north bank of Mordialloc Creek. Concern however over increasing amounts of litter along the banks. Mordialloc Secondary College is conducting an anti-litter campaign in an attempt to deal with the problem.

Beach Erosion

Gale force winds June 18-20 created havoc along the 13kms foreshore with paths undermined, dunes badly eroded and the Carrum Motor Yacht club building once again exposed and in danger of collapse through beach erosion. Valuable re-vegetation work on the foreshore was damaged

Round the Bay Bicycle Trail

Stephen, Penny and Mary are attending meetings to decide on the principles for this section of the trail from Charman Road, Mentone to Mordialloc creek. This section is the most suitable on which to commence construction (when funds are available) because of the path already on the verge of Beach Road from Rennison Street. This section could be widened more easily and require less damage to vegetation. Work has commenenced on the tennis court conversion to a car park. Sufficient space has been left to allow for the proposed bike path to be widened if need be.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th May 2004

Guest Speaker – Tony Collins

Guest Speaker Tony Collins presented a comprehensive report on the work of the NRA team commencing with the loss of Rob Jones to Bayside Council and his replacement with Lee James. A Green Corp Project, a training scheme for ten 17-18 year old students on work experience aims to fence the spinifex area at Bay Street. Work continues on the south bank of Mordialloc Creek with funding provided by Melbourne Water. Mordialloc College Years 9/10 students are involved in this project supervised by the NRA team. Plans include extending the riparian zone. Friends of Mordialloc Creek will assist with a planting day 5th June. Friends of Chicquita Park met with Tony Collins, David Digby and Jeff Yugovic as part of the community consultation to cost a vegetation management plan for the park. Concern at a statement made at an open council meeting that, “there should be a councillor on the committee who is opposed to the retention of the park in order to provide balance!” There is also reluctance to including the 2.4ha per 1000 people ARCUE measurement in the Open Space Review to give an accurate estimate of the lack of open space in Kingston. Met with Catherine Costello from Biosis on site to plan for the hand over of Epsom’s Herb Rich Grassy wetlands in January. 8000 plants per year are planted on the foreshore from Carrum to Mentone. A trial with geo-textile sand bags is planned to attempt to arrest erosion at Bonbeach. Still concern at the vandalism of foreshore vegetation in Kingston and Bayside. Request to write to Council asking for signs to be erected at the scene of tree vandalism. Discussed the siting of the Bay Trail Bicycle Path. This will involve a consultation process June 7th at Brindisi Street. Thank Tony for keeping us informed of the valuable work of the NRA team.
VCAT Hearing re four town houses in an Incremental Change Area in Chelsea. KRAMMED was an objector on behalf of residents. This development is 800 metres from Chelsea Station.

541 Main Street

1259 proformas collected during the campaign opposing the 5 storey development were sent to Mary Delahunty and presented to council by Nina and Brian. The architect /developer of 541 didn’t waste any time, the precedent having been set. A similar application is now before council for 334-337 Station Street, Chelsea. None of the three State Government reps. have shown any interest in preventing inappropriate development in either Mordialloc or Chelsea. The June edition of the VLGA Bulletin asks a pertinent question. “Do we want activity centres or congestion centres? Certainly traffic congestion will be increased both in Mordialloc and Chelsea shopping strips if these developments proceed with 21 apartments and four retail outlets proposed for Chelsea and 16 apartments in Mordialloc.

Pitrones Retirement Village

Pitrones Retirement Village in a Green Wedge was supported by Council’s Strategic Planner but opposed by Councillors so will now go to VCAT.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd July 2002

We wish to express our sincere thanks for the Melbourne Water Newsletter Grant which will assist with the cost of mailing, p/copying, faxing information to MBCL members.

Meeting Attended in July

Friends of the ABC Mordialloc Branch, Metropolitan Transport Forum, Victorian Channel Authority meeting Chelsea Town hall, KRAMMED Resident Action Group.

Forthcoming Meetings

Green Wedge Defenders, Duck Inn 6th July, Green Wedge Farmers meeting at Bangholme Soldiers Memorial Hall August 9th, Kingston Conservation and Environment Coalition Mordialloc Neighbourhood House 7.30pm 20th August. KRAMMED AGM Parkdale Uniting Church 17th September. Guest Speaker Nigel Kirby President SOS.

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Following representations from KRAMMED, Mordialloc Village Committee and local residents Kingston Council agreed to hold a public meeting to allow Mordialloc residents to express their concerns at GHD Consultants plans for the area. Watch for information about the time and place for this important meeting.

Kingston Foreshore & Waterways Landscape Guidelines

After an exhaustive consultation process the report was presented to Council July 9. Congratulations to Chris Dance consultant, Lindsay Fraser and Environment Officers on the outcome of the landscape study of Kingston’s fragile foreshore strip.

Mentone / Parkdale Lifesaving Clubs

There is concern at Council’s approval of ‘tearooms’ for both lifesaving clubs. A 20 seat facility at Parkdale LSC and a 60 seat ‘tearooms’ (open 7am-11pm) at Mentone LSC. There is inadequate parking in the car parks or on Beach Road. Already there are reports of cars parking around the War Memorial at Parkdale. Penny will report to the Mentone Village Committee to seek assurance that the Village committee will be included in discussions.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th June 2002

Congratulations to Tony Collins and team who have been employed by Kingston Council to maintain our Natural Bush Areas. Welcome Back to MBCL president, Brian, who visited his family in Vienna. Hullo to former MBCL president, Dr Len Warren, who called to catch up with Mara and Mary. Len lives in Perth and works for the CSIRO.

Submissions have been sent to the Environment Assessment Review and the EPA Road Traffic Noise Strategy.

Workshops attended:- Economics for the People, the second reclaiming Australia Conference at Trades Hall. The focus was on the General Agreement on Trade & Services which could see the Howard Government agreeing to privatisation of our service
industries. such as postal, water, telecommunications, with protection for the environment reduced.

Mordialloc Structure Plan

It was felt that there should be a public meeting prior to the Council agreeing to the consultants report. A request has been made to the Mayor for a public meeting to allow the community to express their concerns over the proposal to permit four storey developments in the study areas as well as other important issues. Thanks to the Rowan Woodlands committee for their submission to the Mordialloc Structure plan.

Foreshore Landscape Guidelines

Guidelines have been strengthened in the second Draft policy document. The funding of a coordinator to oversee the management of the guidelines was queried given the heavy debt burden which the City of Kingston has.

Green Wedge Forum

A very successful Forum was held at RMIT involving delegates from all eleven Met. Green Wedges. Each delegate gave a thumbnail sketch of the issues and pressure for development in their Wedge. As a result of work by the Wedge Defenders efficient press officer, two excellent front page articles appeared in the Age 3rd and 4th June.

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