Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th October 2023

Guest Speaker – Jenny Warfe

Jenny is the Secretary of Port Phillip Conservation Council and recently spoke at the Liveable Victoria Forum organised by Kelvin Thomson. Below are major points of her presentation.
Jenny outlined the history of Port Phillip Conservation Council. They were part of the protest movement against the oil pipeline in 1970 and in 1972 the ethane pipeline. Victory in 1970 but not successful in 1972.
Port Phillip has a catchment area of 10,000 sq kms. The Planning Scheme needs to take into account the importance of the Bay and the Marine & Coastal Policy.
Spoke on STOP the Great Wall of Frankston.
In 2000 Frankston Council set a mandatory height limit of 20 metres. Now have a height limit that preferences developers . A 3 storey DDO until October was put in place. To reconvened to VCAT in November. Talked about the overshadowing of the existing 8 storey SE Water building.
The proposed development is to be built on the lower part of the Carrum Carrum Swamp. Plan even includes an underground carpark 1.5 m above ground water.
Refer – The KOMPAS report 2022
Rights have been whittled away since 2009 – the Major Transport Facilitator Act can override most ‘Protection Acts’
Living in the suburbs in 2050 – an extra 3.1million in Melbourne mainly through migration equals 1million more homes. The Government is actively promoting Melbourne.
Annual General Meeting concluded and it was decided that MBCL join PPCC as a group.

General Meeting

Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

No report

Mordialloc Railway Precinct

Is the old station being preserved?
Will SCOPE be moved?
The threat to Groves Reserve is real.

Canterbury Road Development

Looks like this development will destroy the remnant vegetation (EVC Purple blown grass). This is probably because initially the site was not assessed properly. Can application be reviewed by an independent ecologist ?

Reports from Groups

Green Wedge
Meeting with Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny on 23rd November.
Kingston Golf Course has been rezoned and 800 houses to be built.
Red Gums to be lost in Noble Park due to development.
International Harvester in Dandenong needs protection

Environment and Open Spaces AC
Draft Open Space Strategy (2005 & 2012 update). Doesn’t identify where we need open space. Not adopted yet.
Urban Forest Strategy and the Coastal Management Plan have been passed.
Kingston Green Wedge Management Plan is up for consultation.

Port Phillip Conservation Council
No report

Mordialloc Creek Community
Teatrees on Lambert Island are dying. Council will investigate.

Bradshaw Bushland Reserve
No report

The Grange
No report

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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