Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 23rd February 2023

Kingston Council Update

Dents Paddock

Waiting for options about renaming of park. Lee James will be starting a Friends Group

Groves Reserve (SCOPE)

Regarding the large scale removal of trees from the site. Adrian Hyland looked into it. This is Crown Land under lease. Council will be issuing an infringement notice as no permit was given for removal of trees. Will they be required to replace 3 for each one lost?

Parkdale Level Crossing Removal

Friends of Bradshaw Park will be meeting with them next week. The trimming of trees (and webbing) has been carried out. The subsequent removal of many trees between Mentone and Parkdale was extremely sad to see.

Mentone Life Saving Club

Brad visited yesterday. Most trees are in carpark area?
New drainage pipes are to be installed down Naples Road

Parkdale Yacht Club

No endorsed plans for landscaping.

Foreshore Guidelines Motion

Well done to all those who sent emails in protest and defense of foreshore vegetation.
A meeting pre Council meeting was held. Jeff Yugovic and Adrian Hyland went through how an EVC’s work. Cr Davies deferred her 2 motions to further confer with specialists.
Ultimately it is up to the Planning Dept to decide whether or not to plant trees in a particular location. They have a reasonably accurate idea of what plants belong in each ECV.
Great discussion ensued regarding all the rules and regulations of planting along the foreshore.

Green Wedge Coalition

Discussion on Membership to be deferred.

Microphone at meeting

Due to some members being hard of hearing, asked if we could use a microphone. Agreed to trial this.

Change of Meeting date

If meetings were to be moved to the Wednesday before Council Meetings (3rd Wed in month) this would not always work. We would not necessarily have their agenda as it is only posted a couple of days prior to their meetings held on the last Monday of the month.

Urban Forest Strategy

Feedback to Council is welcome on their Draft

Pompei report

There has been excavation next to the Telstra pole. The Seeker hull is fenced. Compliance Officer reported that the fence around the development encroached on Victrack land.

Whitewater Development

Displayed photos taken of the 4 storey development in White St through to McDonald St. Apparently it is in a mixed business zone. No comment!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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