Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th September 2023


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Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

  • DEECA – Coastal Adaptation- funding for Climate Change Impacts. Kingston has been funded for up to 4 stages in the process of mitigation.
  • Travis questioned on removal of trees at Yammerbook.
  • Canterbury Rd development. Plant rescue of remnant vegetation or protection?
  • This is near the planned Mordialloc Creek Wetlands. Was it assessed in 2017?
  • Tanie – DEECA Grant to manage the peri urban weeds. Sites at Bonbeach and Carrum and 2 along the creek. In partnership with Bunurong Land Management Council.
  • Aim to improve community engagement through social media, Council website and delivered publications.
  • Nesting boxes and cameras have been installed in Bradshaw Bushland Reserve.
  • Planning and promoting lots of events such as The Grange Wedding Bush Festival (14/10), Keely Park Spring Fair (21/10), Backyard Bird Count during October. Kingston Bio Blitz 23 (Use inaturalist app).
  • Concerns were raised over LXR Mordialloc and the loss of vegetation along existing rail line.

Kingston Housing Strategy

Has been passed and sent to Victorian Govt.
Marine & Coastal Management to be sent to Minister regarding flooding in the Carrum Carrum Swamp. Less trees required to be planted on developments. Nothing on Social Housing in recommendations. Still time to request amendments.

The Voice

Launch of YES Campaign held this Friday by Mark Dreyfus. Lively discussion!

Mordialloc Railway precinct

Report from Wayne who has communicated with Council re Heritage.
Discussion on the whereabouts of the road from Highway to Station St Aspendale. Concerns over the destruction to Groves Reserve and the Coastal Banksia woodland.

Kingston Heritage Overlay

Council are considering extra houses to be added.

Kingston Aquatic and Leisure Centre

We’ll hear of the concept survey outcome, works due, next steps.  The site is being cleared.  Site excavation is necessary for the depth of the 50m Olympic pool.
A landscape surveyor friend says, the soil would support the weight of this pool so additional foundations would not be needed, and the 3m AHD flood level for the site may not determine the first floor level.  I shall query water table impacts, and the 2-level building height.

Canterbury Road Development

A warehouse development application and pending subdivision.  The Planner told me, in 2018, the Planning Vegetation Management Team found ‘some’ native vegetation, under the planning rules a permit had been issued for removal of native vegetation, the active application is for subdivision unrelated to vegetation, and asked me to withdraw my objection.  I said I wanted to know what species were present after favourable damp seasons since 2018.  I alerted botanist David Bainbridge, who found significant patches of wetland species in the western portion of the site over a week or so, some abundant, sent me an informal report, alerted Rosemary, and is to update his informal report for me.  Meanwhile, Rosemary and I asked for Council/officers to intervene and have the wetland species reassessed prior to further action, and our Mayor referred the matter for investigation.  I’m told works are happening on the eastern portion but not on the western portion that the Bushland Team have/are to reassess the presence of native species.

Pompei Site Development

  • An adjacent resident says, it’s going up quickly, all concrete and steel, no timber, many trucks, works on Sunday too; he’s concerned about a liquor licence in the new restaurant, they have enough bad behaviour from the nearby bar, noisy venue, litter, pissing.
  • Told the K. compliance officer, a resident had reported works materials are leaning against the fenced Seeker hull; he referred me to a building surveyor he told me of in February, I’ve yet to follow up.
  • Leon Pompei’s area is still fenced, he doesn’t seem to be operating and a small ‘for lease sign’ appeared awhile ago.  Should Leon not return, some Council officers would seize the chance to gentrify the creekside here.

Reports from Groups

Green Wedge
GWM plan have presumed the Suburban Rail Loop will be built.

Environment and Open Spaces Advisory Committee
Next meeting will be discussing the Green Wedge Management Plan and Open Space Strategy

Port Phillip Conservation Council
No report

Mordialloc Creek Community
Hopefully there will be a second underpass under highway from Attenborough Park to Bridge Hotel included in the LXRA plans

Bradshaw Bushland Reserve

  • Historical fauna records 1980s to 2023 have been sent to Kingston Bushland Team and LXR Parkdale (attached), to assist with nesting box provision within Bradshaw and along the landscaped Parkdale rail corridor.
  • Friends of Bradshaw Bushland Reserve continue to meet with LXR Parkdale Team; our Secretary attended the last two Construction meetings (I was out of action); we’re due to meet the Team at Bradshaw within the next month.
  • Wed morn 30/8 – Launch of joint Friends of Bradshaw Bushland Reserve-Kingston Bushland Team nesting box project, and use of VEFN grant for Best Friend Award:
    A really enjoyable morning with Cr Tim Cochrane, 4 Friends, Bushland crew, Ironbark Consultants.  It was amazing to see some boxes already installed earlier that morning by dynamic fellows, ones waiting to be installed, the demonstration by Ironbark and discussion.  It was a great learning experience, and a generous morning tea and chats.  This is a pilot project to be adjusted for other nature reserves.  Over many years, as a non-expert, I have advocated for native wildlife observations and provision as a missing focus in conservation of natural areas.  This was a step towards native wildlife considerations and very exciting too.  Watch out for press-release/KYC story, which will be shared with VEFN.

Friends of Mordialloc Catchment

Mordialloc Creek Reserve in George Woods Reserve.  After numerous requests by me and the Bushland Team, the Hort contractor will only spray the grass along the granitic path as it becomes overgrown, rather than the excessive regular spraying that widens the footpath and causes erosion.  However, opposite Percy Street, excessive trampling of riparian vegetation by foot and wheeled users continues, destroying rehabilitated sections and causing erosion of tree root zones.

The Grange
Wonderful newsletter from Penny. Spring has sprung! Wedding Bush Festival Oct 14

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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