Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd August 2023


In – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islands Voice, Australian Conservation Foundation, Bushtracks
Out – To Councillors regarding the Heritage Overlay on Ornond St and further heritage houses to be assessed.

Kingston Council Update (Foreshore & Bushland)

Not much to report on this month:

  • Brad will finishing acting Public Places Team Leader at the end of this week and returning to the Bushland and Foreshore Team Leader position.
  • Adrian has resigned and is going to Mornington Pen Council in their Coastal Planning Team in the coming weeks.
  • Still awaiting responses for Mentone Life Saving Club and Peter Scullin planting plans.
  • The plant that browns off during winter at Epsom is Bolboschoenus caldwellii Marsh Club-rush.

Kingston Housing Strategy

Mordialloc Heritage Overlay. What does it protect? Building Facades only?
Generally there is a push for more development. Need to push for no more development in Carrum Carrum Swamp. Needs to stay Neighbourhood Residential Zone  and given an overlay to prevent subdivision of blocks.

Mordialloc Railway Precinct

Threat to Groves Reserve
Keeping the roundabouts?
Closing Bear St

Reports from Groups

Green Wedge
Council officers have rejected proposed the Bus depot.
Water park proposal wants a roof, which contravenes Green Wedge Guidelines.

Environment and Open Spaces Advisory Committee
Report on Mordialloc Level Crossing Removals

Port Phillip Conservation Council
The Minister Sonya Kilkenny has put a Design Development Overlay on the proposed “Great Wall of Frankston” until October.

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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