Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd August 2006

A Sincere Vote of Thanks once again to members for their commitment to the daunting task of trying to combat the cavalier attitude of some local government officials with regard to the environment. For example for the past two years members have spent countless hours researching, debating and surveying residents in an attempt to find the best option for a safe, environmentally friendly route for the Round the Bay bike trail. An invitation to KCEC to make a presentation to councillors September 4 provided a small glimmer of hope!! A trillion thanks to members who door knocked homes for the survey, to Dr Earl and Nina who compiled a statistical report on survey results to E-mail to councillors, to Brian who spent hours preparing a power point presentation and to Stephen for his tremendous contribution in measuring Beach Road lanes to prove that the wide Kingston lanes could accommodate a back of kerb bike track rather than located on the cliff tops.

Yammerbook Nature Reserve

Grand Opening Sunday 10th September at Wells Road close to Mordialloc Creek Bridge. The culmination of years of planning to convert neglected piece of land into an important addition to Kingston’s wetlands/parkland thanks to the determination of AGRA, Melbourne Water and to Nina who has found time in her busy schedule to organise the opening Well done all!

Mordialloc Creek

National Tree Day Planting.. About 40 people planted 800 mixed plants- grasses, groundcover and shrubs beneath the existing tree canopy along old Wells Road opposite the factories. Mordialloc College and Yarrabah held their National Tree Day planting along the creek Friday 28-7-06. At Bonbeach 13 volunteers planted 400 plants on the foreshore but not one tree because of Kingston Council’s policy of not planting trees for five years in that location and indeed along the whole 13 kms of foreshore!

Paintball Facility Aspendale Gardens

As a result of a mediation meeting which AGRA and Barry Ross attended (on MBCL’s behalf) the site has been modified because Melbourne Water required the proponents to build bridges over Smythes Drain which runs through the property. The facility will now be located to the north between Smythe’s Drain and the levee bank of Mordialloc Creek. Stephen Hains withdrew his objection so apparently doesn’t consider that it will devalue his expensive Waterways development.

Peter Scullin Reserve

Planting has commenced on the Peter Scullin Reserve although the two vandalised she-oaks don’t appear to have been replaced. Vegetation near the pier entrance has been removed. Mulch has been spread around liberally. David Digby sent Nina a list of trees to be planted. It includes 30 banksias.

Round the Bay Trail

Rod and Adrian reported on their visit to Noel Pullen. They felt that he had been “snowed” by Council but he agreed to take a letter from MBCL to Thwaites. So far there has been no response from that gentlemen but a certain Deep Throat reports that the Minister has received the letter, is aware of the issues but is leaving it to Janice Munt to judge the feeling of the community as a result of her 4000 resident survey. Council gave Janice and Noel the same old reasons “that VicRoads won’t concede road space for a path Quoted that there were 120 submissions in favour of the council’s plan but Stephen has analysed the 120 subs and found that approx.82 were from Bicycle Victoria approving of the “concept” of council’s cliff top track but without knowledge of the issues involved. Nina, Rod and Stephen met with VicRoads who listened but said that they would have to confer with their managers and in any case they would only deal with Council who have already indicated that they are reluctant to make a move in that direction.

Mordialloc Structure Plan

Likely to be a Panel hearing in November. There are indications that developers will seek an increase in height limits for some proposed developments. Quite a few properties in the shopping precinct have been sold as investments. Plans are out for public consultation for the Mordialloc Station precinct. Please be aware that this plan includes removing the flat or even entrance to the station on the Beach side and with steps!!! and a ramp! It is difficult enough for us oldies to pant up the ramps on each side of the station now without adding any more encumbrances to public transport facilities.

Port Phillip Conservation Council

The AGM will be in October. MBCL is entitled to have to members attend this meeting. Any offers? PPCC is concerned that Seaford LSC has applied to have a cafe which may lead to a demand for parking in the significant foreshore area. G.Goode wishes to increase member body subs to $53 which is a lot of money for small groups to part with. After a serious debate on the issue MBCL members voted to leave the member- ship sub at $40. PPCC reports that the ACF wants to restrict member input on some issues. Presumably ACF wants to act as a board.

Transport Meeting

Transport Meeting organised by the Liberal Party was attended by Mara who asked questions about the possibility of having the speed limit on Beach Road over the weekend reduced to 40kph to make it safer for recreational riders and also competitive riders. This is a healthy non-polluting activity. Two further proposals were put to this forum: Whether putting the Frankston rail line underground was feasible and whether a tunnel for cars under Main Street Mordialloc and the Creek was a possibility?

Mordialloc and Dingley U3A

Mordialloc and Dingley U3A invited MBCL to speak about the importance of providing small local parks readily accessible for families, the elderly and disabled. The importance of retaining larger parkland such as Linton Street, Moorabbin and gradually developing the Chain of Parks as land becomes available. This would enable other councils to 10% parks for sport and recreation – with KYC (Council) cooperation. Melbourne Water plans to use large quarry holes for stormwater retention and for recreational tooting. Well done, MW!!

Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League Inc.

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