Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 1991


Re Wetlands on North bank of Mordialloc Creek Write to the Town Planner, Springvale re their project for a Country Club/Golf course on the proposed wetlands site. Plans have been forwarded to the League. John Scholes, DV&WPA advises that the wetlands proposal depends on funds being made available from the Open Space Program in order to purchase land which comes on the market.

Bradshaw Park

Gates should be locked at night by security personnel to protect this remaining remnant of native vegetation. An ecological appraisal should be completed by Christmas. Bradshaw Park was awarded a Heritage Award in December, 1988.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

Water has been lapping at the base of the completed erosion control work. League to ask for sand to be carted to Parkdale Beach by the Port of Melbourne Authority to prevent further erosion.\

Indigenous Plant Audit on the Parkdale Foreshore

R. Pearson organised a plant audit on the Parkdale foreshore in the area to be graded in April. A number of plants were found to be in danger of destruction when work commences. These plants include three bushes of Coast Everlasting near Bay Street. David Bainbridge has supplied an updated list of plants suitable for foreshore planting.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 1991

EPA Draft Policy

C. King volunteered to read the draft document and respond by the due date, 30-10-91.

Bradshaw Park

The firm BIOSIS will conduct an environmental audit on Bradshaw Park. C. King will investigate the ownership of the park to see if it is possible to register it under the terms of the National Estate
David Digby and David Bainbridge conducted a walk along the foreshore with the Friends of Bradshaw park to inspect the plantings at Mordialloc.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

Concern at the extent of bulldozing and grading on the fore- shore. This has meant the destruction of much vegetation. The graded areas slope towards the clifftop thereby encouraging water to run down the newly planted areas causing still more erosion. Beach re-nourishment will be essential if wave action is to be prevented from undercutting the work already completed. League to write to the Port of Melbourne Authority to request sand pumping onto Parkdale beach. Removal of vegetation may also destroy indigenous species.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th August 1991

Mordialloc Creek

The League has received from the DVA a half yearly report on the water quality of creeks in the catchment area. The report does not show readings for heavy metals. We also have a report on the heavy metal content of samples taken from the island in Mordialloc creek. The DVA monitoring committee have completed a draft report on Mordialloc Creek. This is to be sent to the Minister for Conservation.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

Work has commenced on this section of the foreshore. Plans have been provided for comment. Work so far confirms our feeling that the use of sleepers with timber upright supports and planting with salt resistant vegetation would have been more successful as a means of erosion control. There is a strong possibility that the cliff face will be washed away in heavy storms as the beach offers no protection.

Mordialloc & Environs Development

Plans have been provided by Council for comment/objections from M-B.C.L. The toilet block/fish sales proposal was approved and Council has accepted the League’s suggestion that the colours for the playground equipment should blend with the environment. Blue, yellow and green have been chosen rather than black & purple!

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 9th April 1991

Parkdale / Mentone Foreshore

Will there be any supervision or community involvement during the works on this section of the foreshore especially when grading of the cliffs takes place?
The question of the fences along the foreshore is a delicate issue which also require community consultation. A letter to the City Engineer may clarify these issues.
Any restoration work on the Mentone foreshore at Naples Road should ensure that elevated views to Port Phillip Bay are maintained, that the existing shelter be retained until proposed vegetation in Section 5 grows sufficiently to provide shelter. and that the ugly concrete steps be removed as soon as possible.

Mordialloc Creek / Beach Pollution

Concern expressed that regular reports on pollution levels are no longer available to the community since the EPA & MMBW have taken over the monitoring role of the creek water. League to write to the monitoring committee requesting information about the frequency of tests of creek water, and the availability of the results.


In answer to the DVA’s request for suggestions for the proposed development of the wetlands, write to support the concept and urge the planting of species of vegetation indigenous to the locality ie. Malelucas (Swamp paperbark)

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 5th February 1991

Parkdale / Mentone Forshore

League members Cr King, Pam Wilcock, Mary Rimington and Ron Pearson had an on-site inspection with the City Engineers and landscape architect of the foreshore area to be reclaimed. The outcome of the meeting was generally satisfactory although there is still some concern about grading the clifftops and the use of rocks instead of timber to prevent further erosion. How- ever Council has agreed to leave the grassed area as open space with low growing shrubs.

Braeside Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works Park

A meeting is still to be arranged with M. Baker of the MMBW to discuss moving the freeway reservation to the western boundary of the Park.

Mordialloc Creek

Concern that the City of Mordialloc Health Surveyor is no longer taking samples of water: for analysis because of the cost to Council. EPA/DSWB test results are not freely available to the public through the Council minutes.
Letters have been received from the DVA and Springvale Council indicating support for establishing a wetlands on the northern bank of the creek upstream from the Boundary Road bridge.

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