Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd February 1993

Bradshaw Park

Work in Bradshaw Park is proceeding satisfactorily. The Friends group have prepared a new map and information sheet for use by students or visitors to the park.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control / Planing

The plantings are flourishing after heavy summer rain although in places where the water has accumulated some plants have not survived.

Mordialloc Foreshore Landscaping

After a meeting of the Foreshore Steering Committee at the Council Chambers on January 20th, D. Digby was asked to prepare a plan for the foreshore and Scullin Reserve area which would comprise of indigenous species only rather than Norfolk Island pines as was previously suggested by Council staff. Thanks to sterling work by R. Pearson, the plan for indigenous plants only was accepted by the whole Council! Well done!

Mordialloc Foreshore Kiosk / Restaurant

Richard Frank finally responded to our letter pointing out that tea trees and banksias, if let to grow would enhance the view (and also conceal the ugly beach-side restaurant facade). However, there is no evidence in his letter that he has seen the light and will leave the vegetation to grow naturally. The City Engineer has been asked to advise us if there is to be further mutilation of the trees.
Richard Frank has also applied to alter the Mordialloc Planning Scheme so that liquor can be served without food from 7.00 am to 1.00 am the following day, in an area within the restaurant especially set aside for that purpose.
We have the opportunity to comment on the proposal. If members approve, our comments would be that we consider the trading hours excessive, the sale of liquor without food should be confined to the 38m2 bar area and not extend out to and beyond the terrace, there should be no sale of liquor to be taken away and consumed off the premises and overall seating capacity should not be increased beyond the present 100 seats.
Signage for the restaurant/kiosk is under discussion in Council. The League will be given the chance to comment on the size of signs proposed. At present there is to be a flag with logo from the flag pole on the roof, an illuminated sign above the entrance and a small sign near the entrance to the Scullin Reserve. The Ministry for Conservation document, “Siting & Design Guidelines for Structures on the Port Phillip Coast” states:-
“Signs should be concentrated at particular locations where they will have least impact on the landscape.” and “Signs should not generally be higher than the roofline of adjacent buildings or vegetation or be moving or consist of flashing lights.”

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st December 1992

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control Work

Large basalt rocks have been placed at the foot of the cliffs near Parkdale Lifesaving Club to prevent further erosion from wave action. Some areas on top of the cliffs opposite Parkers road are still very bare and don’t appear to have been planted after last year’s work on the cliff tops. Whilst most sections of Parkdale Foreshore have been fenced at the base of the cliffs, the section near the old banksia has not been fenced despite a recent rock fall.

Bradshaw Park

Friends of Bradshaw Park have not been advised whether their application for funding from DCE has been successful. The spring loading gate is unsatisfactory because the spring is too weak and the gate is too low to keep marauding animals out of the Park.

Mordialloc Foreshore / Kiosk

Council Staff were approached re the extent of the lease granted to the kiosk operators. An area will be set aside for the general public as well as kiosk patrons to sit and drink. This will not be landscaped to suggest to the public that this area is the preserve of the kiosk operator. However Council acceded to the operator’s demands to have an “all round view of the Bay “by writing into the lease that the tea tree in front of the kiosk should be clipped to the height of the promenade wall. MBCL wrote to Richard Frank expressing our concern about desecration of native vegetation on Crown Land.

Mordialloc Creek / Landscaping / Peter Scullin Reserve

Council has prepared a plan for landscaping the Pier Road car park and drive abutting the Scullin reserve. A plan will be presented to the Mordialloc Foreshore Steering Committee which includes two members of the League. The Pier Road plan will once again reduce the number of parking places which Council previously promised the boat owners to increase as overflow parking. Norfolk Island Pines were recommended for the Scullin reserve drive by the Parks & Gardens Supervisor. A sub-committee consisting of Cr Nixon, R. Pearson and D. Digby have presented an alternative plan which will continue the use of vegetation native to the area.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th November 1992

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control Work

The Parkdale Foreshore has been designated by the Port of Melbourne Authority under its Sand Renourishment Programme as an area for annual maintenance. However, severe storm erosion of one section of the cliffs will require an infill of rocks to prevent further erosion. The City Engineer is still seeking suitable sandstone rocks for this section of the Parkdale cliffs.

Mordialloc Foreshore Development / Kiosk / Landscaping

The restaurateur has demanded the replacement of the proposed timber decking terrace with a brick paved surface for the restaurant/kiosk. The League was contacted by the City Engineer about this matter. We responded as follows:-
“Whilst expressing – concern at further demands made to change the original plans for this structure, MBCL reluctantly accedes to the request to delete the plan for timber decking providing that the brick paved terrace is not suitable for load bearing external walls which could allow for incremental creep at a later date.”

Concern is also expressed at landscaping proposals for the grassed area in front of the Kiosk. These proposals include the removal of tea tree to provide an “all round view of the Bay” and landscaping around seating which could suggest that this section of foreshore belongs to the kiosk. The Council at its 24th August meeting reported that they had agreed to lease the grassed area west of the kiosk to the restaurateur. We have written to the DCE and PPCC about this issue. There was no consultation with the League or RPAC about this matter.

Mordialloc Creek / Horse Paddock Reef Pollution

Glen Agnew reported on his attendance at the General Meeting of the PPCC and his report to local groups about his research on the Horse Paddock Reef. Glen also alerted us to the environmental assessment for the purpose of re-development, of the 202 hectare Dandenong Springvale Sewage site. The study was carried out by Gutteridge Haskins Davies. Significant amounts of Dioxin and Furans were found at the site. This has implications for the state of the Creek and Bayside beaches when the sewage ponds overflow after heavy rain. MBCL has written to GHD asking for a copy of the report.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th August 1992

Bradshaw Park

R. Pearson reports that foxes are a problem in the park especially as DCE has presented a Land for Wildlife sign to Bradshaw Park. There are many native species growing on the railway land adjacent to the park. David Digby and David Bainbridge will ask the Met to take care when moving grass in this area. A Friends of Bradshaw Park Committee has been formed.

Parkdale Foreshore

Planting has commenced on the Parkdale Cliffs but the coconut fibre matting has been torn in places and the recent storms have undercut a part of the erosion control work in some sections. Rocks will be used to control erosion when suitable material is found to blend with the sandstone rocks.

Mordialloc Foreshore

The kiosk/restaurant development and shelter to replace the “birdcage” are proceeding. A standing shower is planned for the area near the toilet block.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 2nd June 1992

Bradshaw Park

Following the acceptance of the BIOSIS recommendations by Mordialloc Council, $30,000 has been provided for work in the Park. The Department of Conservation & Environment have given permission for a Land for Wildlife sign to be erected at this Heritage Award winning park.

Parkdale Cliffs

Erosion control work at the Parkdale Cliffs section of the foreshore has been completed although rocks have not yet been integrated into the cliff face as was originally planned.

Mordialloc Foreshore

The old kiosk building has been demolished and approval has been given for work to commence on the new structure. Plans for a shelter to replace the “birdcage”. have been forwarded to the League.
Disused light poles have still not been removed from the foreshore.
S. Calvert-Smith advises that SEC poles will eventually be re-located on the land side of Beach road.
The Nicholson shed is to be given the “treatment” and a lexan window placed in the rear wall. Residents would prefer to have the rear wall removed entirely to deter drinkers from lingering in the building.

Coast & Creek Booklet

A sub-committee spent time revising the text of the booklet which should be available in time for the October meeting of MBCL.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 7th April 1992

League members were shocked to learn of the sudden death of Bob Wilcock, in April. Bob joined the League in 1973 and was President during that period. He strongly supported the environmental issues in which the League was involved over the years and was also a delegate to the Port Phillip Conservation Council. We greatly appreciated his interest and support during his time with the League.

Our sympathy is extended to Pam, Mark and Scott.

Braeside Park

A new car park and a $65,000 architect designed bird hide are additional features of the park. Melbourne Water personnel will maintain Edithvale Wetlands. The team will work seven days a week.

Bradshaw Park

R. Pearson prepared a comprehensive submission to present to Mordialloc Council in support of the BIOSIS Report. The report recommended increasing funding and manpower in order to achieve maximum benefit from this Heritage park.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

R. Pearson, F. Rimington & M. Rimington inspected the foreshore with the Acting City Engineer prior to further erosion control work commencing on the foreshore,. The aim was to ensure that small indigenous plants be preserved. However due to the dumping of “foreign” soil on the cliff tops, most of the small plants have been covered and unless they are being propagated elsewhere, have been lost. Grading has also covered most of the rocks.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 4th February 1992

Parkdale Foreshore Development

A small number of local native plants have been located growing along the Parkdale foreshore which appear to be the only remaining specimens within the City of Mordialloc. It is thought that in the case of several species that the plants concerned are the last single plants of the species growing along our foreshore. As they form part of the diverse local environment every effort should be made to ensure their survival.
When the next stage of development work proceeds on the Parkdale foreshore these plants are in danger of being destroyed. Great care must be taken to make sure they are not destroyed as in that event none would remain in the Mordialloc municipality.
It is recommended that Council staff investigate the situation and be quite certain that they know precisely where these plants are located so that they may take positive action to protect them before further development work proceeds. If after all alternatives have been explored, it is impossible to protect them in their present position, plants should be removed and replanted in another suitable, similar location by Parks and Gardens staff who have had extensive experience in transplanting local native plants.
The importance of protecting these plants from being destroyed forever cannot be overemphasised. As soon as is possible these plants should be used for propagating additional plants for the municipality. With their particular genes these plant species have evolved over many years (centuries ?) and have been programmed to prosper in their own particular environment. Their inbuilt characteristics make them suited for continued growth in the area.
The plants concerned are among the following, all of which only exist in small numbers along the Beaumaris Mordialloc foreshore :

  • Carpobrotus rossii
  • Distichlis distichophylla
  • Tetragonia tetragonoides
  • Sarcornia quinquiflora
  • Sarcornia blackiana
  • Helichrysum paralium
  • Alyxia buxifolia
  • Spinifex hirsutus
  • Carex pumila

Bradshaw Park

The report on Bradshaw Park by a BIOSIS officer will shortly be available. There is still concern that the park is not locked at night by the security firm. Council staff have been asked to check this matter.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 3rd December 1991


Re Wetlands on North bank of Mordialloc Creek Write to the Town Planner, Springvale re their project for a Country Club/Golf course on the proposed wetlands site. Plans have been forwarded to the League. John Scholes, DV&WPA advises that the wetlands proposal depends on funds being made available from the Open Space Program in order to purchase land which comes on the market.

Bradshaw Park

Gates should be locked at night by security personnel to protect this remaining remnant of native vegetation. An ecological appraisal should be completed by Christmas. Bradshaw Park was awarded a Heritage Award in December, 1988.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

Water has been lapping at the base of the completed erosion control work. League to ask for sand to be carted to Parkdale Beach by the Port of Melbourne Authority to prevent further erosion.\

Indigenous Plant Audit on the Parkdale Foreshore

R. Pearson organised a plant audit on the Parkdale foreshore in the area to be graded in April. A number of plants were found to be in danger of destruction when work commences. These plants include three bushes of Coast Everlasting near Bay Street. David Bainbridge has supplied an updated list of plants suitable for foreshore planting.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 1st October 1991

EPA Draft Policy

C. King volunteered to read the draft document and respond by the due date, 30-10-91.

Bradshaw Park

The firm BIOSIS will conduct an environmental audit on Bradshaw Park. C. King will investigate the ownership of the park to see if it is possible to register it under the terms of the National Estate
David Digby and David Bainbridge conducted a walk along the foreshore with the Friends of Bradshaw park to inspect the plantings at Mordialloc.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

Concern at the extent of bulldozing and grading on the fore- shore. This has meant the destruction of much vegetation. The graded areas slope towards the clifftop thereby encouraging water to run down the newly planted areas causing still more erosion. Beach re-nourishment will be essential if wave action is to be prevented from undercutting the work already completed. League to write to the Port of Melbourne Authority to request sand pumping onto Parkdale beach. Removal of vegetation may also destroy indigenous species.

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Mordialloc Beaumaris Conservation League – Minutes – 6th August 1991

Mordialloc Creek

The League has received from the DVA a half yearly report on the water quality of creeks in the catchment area. The report does not show readings for heavy metals. We also have a report on the heavy metal content of samples taken from the island in Mordialloc creek. The DVA monitoring committee have completed a draft report on Mordialloc Creek. This is to be sent to the Minister for Conservation.

Parkdale Foreshore Erosion Control

Work has commenced on this section of the foreshore. Plans have been provided for comment. Work so far confirms our feeling that the use of sleepers with timber upright supports and planting with salt resistant vegetation would have been more successful as a means of erosion control. There is a strong possibility that the cliff face will be washed away in heavy storms as the beach offers no protection.

Mordialloc & Environs Development

Plans have been provided by Council for comment/objections from M-B.C.L. The toilet block/fish sales proposal was approved and Council has accepted the League’s suggestion that the colours for the playground equipment should blend with the environment. Blue, yellow and green have been chosen rather than black & purple!

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